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The Basics

Name: Candice Ingold
  • Theatre
Role: Faculty
Position:  Adjunct Professor of Acting and Directing

Contact Info

Office: UCA 214E
Email: Candice.Ingold@colostate.edu


CANDICE INGOLD is a traveling drama director and adjunct professor of acting and directing at Colorado State University, As an educator and director for over 12 years, she brings a diverse touch and a new perspective to directing. Candice holds an MFA in Directing from the University of California-Davis and is a CSU Theatre alum with BA’s in Performing Arts and Speech Communication, and a minor in English.

Prior to coming to CSU, Candice served as an assistant artistic director intern for Sacramento Theatre Company in Calif. while also teaching acting and directing courses at the University of California. Her most recent directing works include: Scapin for OpenStage Theatre Company; Wait Until Dark for Bas Bleu Theatre Company; Bullshot Crummond for OpenStage Theatre Company; Comedy of Errors and for Colorado State University; and Ladies Man (assistant director) and Spring Awakening, The Musicalfor OpenStage Theatre Company.

In 2003-2004, Candice received a grant to teach and research drama in thirteen countries. From the poorest neighborhoods in India, Cuba, and Africa, to futuristic looking institutes and theaters in Japan and Hong Kong, she researched students’ backgrounds, home lives, schools and drama programs, or lack of drama programs. Candice began by introducing drama curriculum into schools that did not have one, while also touring and researching the infrastructure of theaters that had gone from rags to riches. She was recognized as the Artist Spotlight for Inside The City-Sacramento B Magazine in 2010.

“Life is a stage; for one night you get to feel, believe and be in someone else’s mind, shoes and body while discovering your own walks of life.” ~ Candice