• Liberal Arts Faculty & Staff •

Michael Aaronson 229 Eddy Hall michael.aaronson@colostate.edu
Katie Abrams Journalism Clark C-221 katie.abrams@colostate.edu
Steven Aguiló-Arbues Music UCA 325D Steven.Aguilo-Arbues@colostate.edu
Hosam Ahmad Foreign Language Clark C 110A hosam.ahmad@colostate.edu
Andrea Akers Anthropology Sociology andrea.akers.mader@gmail.com
Hally Albers Theatre UCA 111A Hally.Albers@colostate.edu
Eli Alberts History eli.alberts@colostate.edu
Ruth Alexander History Clark B-354 ruth.alexander@colostate.edu
Ammar Alhawas Ayh_37@hotmail.com
Barbara Alldredge Economics C306B Clark barbara.alldredge@colostate.edu
Scot Allen Foreign Language University Services Center, room 217 scot.allen@colostate.edu
Andrew Altschul English Eddy 339 andrew.altschul@colostate.edu
Timothy Amidon English Ingersoll 351 amidont@gmail.com
Hala Amro Foreign Language Clark C 110 A halaamro57@yahoo.es
Ashley Anderson Journalism C-228 Clark Bldg. ashley.a.anderson@colostate.edu
Karrin Anderson karrin.anderson@colostate.edu
Derek Andreas andreasd@rams.colostate.edu
Denise Favela Apodaca Music UCA 314B Denise.Apodaca@colostate.edu
Michelle Applebaum Philosophy michelle.applebaum@colostate.edu
Andre Archie Philosophy 228 Eddy Hall andre.archie@colostate.edu
Irati Arretxe Ortiz de Urbina Foreign Language Clark C 110A iarretxe@rams.colostate.edu
Garrett Ayers Theatre UCA Garrett.Ayers@colostate.edu
Joel Bacon Music UCA 325C Joel.Bacon@colostate.edu
Hannah Baldus Theatre G136 Hannah.Baldus@colostate.edu
Jaime Banks Journalism Clark C217 jaime.banks@colostate.edu
Saad Baradan Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences saad.baradan@colostate.edu
Fathalla Barasi Economics fathalla.barasi@colostate.edu
Dana Barclay Foreign Language Clark A 012E dana.barclay@colostate.edu
Lynne Barnes Clark C 110D Lynne.Barnes@colostate.edu
Owen Barnett Foreign Language obarnett555@gmail.com
Rosanna Bateman CLA Advising Visual Arts Building, main office rosanna.bateman@colostate.edu
Alison Baumgartner Anthropology Clark B219 alison.baumgartner@colostate.edu
Colton Baumunk Cbaumunk99@gmail.com
Jill Baylis CLA Dean's Office Jill.Baylis@colostate.edu
Dan Beachy-Quick English Eddy 343 dan.beachy-quick@colostate.edu
Anthony Becker English Ingersoll, S.E. - Room 264 tony.becker@colostate.edu
Leslee Becker English 335 Eddy Hall leslee.becker@colostate.edu
Masako Beecken Foreign Language Clark C124A masako.beecken@colostate.edu
Judy Bejarano Dance UCA 111D Judy.Bejarano@colostate.edu
Maria Elisa Belfiori Economics C320A Clark elisa.belfiori@colostate.edu
Heather Bellotti Dance Music Theatre University Center for the Arts UCA 120 Heather.Bellotti@colostate.edu
Elizabeth A. Bennett Sociology A008A Clark Elizabeth_Bennett@brown.edu
Marni Berg Political Science Clark C-332 marni.berg@colostate.edu
Annabelle Berklund Economics Clark C 311 annabelle.berklund@gmail.com
Alexandra Bernasek Economics C315 Clark Alexandra.Bernasek@colostate.edu
Anna Bernhard Art Visual Art Building F111 anna.bernhard@colostate.edu
Kenneth Berry Sociology Clark B-263 berry@mail.colostate.edu
Nancy Berry English Nancy.Berry@colostate.edu
Michele Betsill Political Science Clark B350 m.betsill@colostate.edu
Michael Bettis Journalism Clark Bldg. C54A michael.bettis@colostate.edu
Mandy Billings CLA Advising Clark C125 amanda.billings@gmail.com
Courtenay Biser-Suarez Foreign Language Clark C110 B csbs@colostate.edu
Brandon Bishop Economics Brandon.bishop0@gmail.com
Marilyn Bistline Clark Building, 127B Marilyn.Bistline@colostate.edu
Marilyn Bistline mbistlin@mail.usf.edu
R. Patrick Bixler Sociology patrick.bixler@colostate.edu
Darrell Blair Journalism C-219 Clark Bldg. Darrell.Blair@ColoState.edu
Chris Blake Economics United States cblake2@lamar.colostate.edu
Tiffany Blake Oliver Music UCA 302C Tiffany.Blake_Oliver@colostate.edu
Robert Blesse UCA Robert.Blesse@colostate.edu
Gloria Blumanhourst Communication Studies A205 Behavioral Sciences Building Gloria.Blumanhourst@colostate.edu
Anil Bolukoglu Economics C-314 anil.bolukoglu@colostate.edu
Madeline Bombardi-Mount Journalism Clark Building C Room 223 Madeline.Bombardi-Mount@colostate.edu
Jennifer Bone Communication Studies Eddy 204 jennifer.bone@colostate.edu
Holly Boux Political Science Clark C 326 Holly.Boux@colostate.edu
Ella Bowers CLA Advising Clark C207 ella.bowers@colostate.edu
Shawn Brady Philosophy B208 Clark Hall shawn.brady@colostate.edu
Tracy Brady History Clark B360 Tracy.Brady@colostate.edu
Russell Bramblett Economics russbramblett@gmail.com
Melissa Brandon Journalism Clark C-258 mbrandon@rams.colostate.edu
Elissa Braunstein Economics C327 Clark elissa.braunstein@colostate.edu
Matthew Bray Journalism Clark C-223 mattbray31t@gmail.com
Kate Brelje Philosophy B209 Clark Hall kate.brelje@colostate.edu
Thomas Briggs Economics C314 Clark thombrig@lamar.colostate.edu
Ellen Brinks English Ellen.Brinks@Colostate.edu
Elijah Brooks elijahcb73@gmail.com
Jack Brouillette Sociology B261 Clark jack.brouillette@colostate.edu
Maureen Bruner Political Science Clark C-346 maureen.bruner@colostate.edu
Cara Buckley Communication Studies cara.buckley@colostate.edu
Patti Burke-Lund Journalism patricia.burke-lund@colostate.edu
Elizabeth Burkett Sociology B260 Clark elizabeth.burkett@colostate.edu
Kristy Burnett Journalism Clark C 223 kristy.burnett@colostate.edu
Annie Burnham Journalism Clark C223 annie.burnham@colostate.edu
Morris Burns UCA 214 Morris.Burns@colostate.edu
Carol Busch Communication Studies Behavioral Sciences Building, A 208 carol.busch@colostate.edu
Dan Butcher Music UCA 212 Dan.Butcher@colostate.edu
Maren Bzdek History Public Lands Aylesworth C104 maren.bzdek@colostate.edu
Philip Cafaro Philosophy 226 Eddy Hall philip.cafaro@colostate.edu
John Calderazzo English John.Calderazzo@colostate.edu
Gerald Callahan English Pathology 310 gerald.callahan@colostate.edu
Carol Calliham 243 Eddy Hall carol.calliham@colostate.edu
SueEllen Campbell English 251 Ingersoll sueellen.campbell@colostate.edu
Keri Canada Anthropology CLA Advising Sociology Clark B212 keri.canada@colostate.edu
Martin Carcasson Center for Public Deliberation Communication Studies Behavioral Science A245 mcarcas@colostate.edu
Carrie Care Dance Music Theatre University Center for the Arts UCA 112 Carrie.Care@colostate.edu
Jonathan Care Economics C311D Clark jonathan.care@colostate.edu
Jonathan Carlyon Foreign Language Clark C-122 jonathan.carlyon@colostate.edu
Michael Carolan Sociology B261 Clark mcarolan@colostate.edu
Daniela Castillo Journalism C215 Clark Bldg. dani.castillo@colostate.edu
Gamze Cavdar Political Science Clark B 347 Gamze.Cavdar@colostate.edu
MaryAnn Chambers Journalism I work at home mac1975@rams.colostate.edu
Joe Champ Journalism C-215 Clark Bldg. joseph.champ@colostate.edu
Chung-Fu Chang Dance UCA 111B Chung-Fu.Chang@colostate.edu
Chelsey Charbonneau chelseycharbonneau@gmail.com
Tony Cheng tony.cheng@colostate.edu
Aude Chesnais Sociology Clark B264 aude.chesnais@colostate.edu
Kaya Chiba English kaya.chiba@colostate.edu
Chuchang Chiu Foreign Language ClarkC110C cchiu@mail.colostate.edu
Cindy Christen Journalism C240 Clark Bldg. cindy.christen@colostate.edu
Angela Mace Christian Music UCA 301B angela.christian@colostate.edu
Bryan Christian Music UCA 325B Bryan.Christian@colostate.edu
Hye Chung Communication Studies 216 Eddy Hall hye.chung@colostate.edu
Galen Ciscell Sociology Clark B272 galen.ciscell@colostate.edu
Jennifer Clary Jacobs Dance LEAP Music Theatre University Center for the Arts UCA 112C Jennifer.Clary@colostate.edu
Douglas Cloud English Ingersoll 352 doug.cloud@colostate.edu
Beth Cloven English Beth.Cloven@colostate.edu
Pamela Coke English 326 Eddy pamela.coke@colostate.edu
Lisa Cole English Foreign Language Clark C110 A lacole424@gmail.com
Ariel Collins Journalism Clark C 223 ariel.collins@colostate.edu
Sayuri Collins Foreign Language Clark C 110B sayuri.collins@colostate.edu
Eileen Connell Sociology Clark B 239 eileen.connell@yahoo.com
Thomas Conway English Thomas.Conway@colostate.edu
Matthew Cooperman English 327 Eddy Hall Matthew.Cooperman@colostate.edu
Maite Correa Foreign Language Clark C113 maite.correa@colostate.edu
Trevor Corsello tlc@rams.colostate.edu
Susan Crabtree UCA 216 Susan.Crabtree@colostate.edu
Jennifer E. Cross Sociology B244 Clark jeni.cross@colostate.edu
Clarissa Crozier Journalism C221 Clark Bldg. clarissa.crozier@colostate.edu
Harvey Cutler Economics C313 Clark harvey.cutler@colostate.edu
Stuart Dameron Music UCA 325B Stuart.Dameron@colostate.edu
Stuart Dameron Choral Instructor stuartdameron@gmail.com
Sheila Dargon English 359 Eddy Building sheila.dargon@colostate.edu
Courtenay Daum Political Science Clark C 366B courtenay.daum@colostate.edu
James David Music UCA G213 James.David@colostate.edu
Lake Davidson Philosophy Eddy 230 lake.davidson@colostate.edu
Ashley Davies English Ingersoll 269 ashley.davies@colostate.edu
Elizabeth Davila edavila@rams.colostate.edu
Carissa Davis CLA Advising Clark C 207 cassie.davis37@gmail.com
Charles Davis Political Science B351 Clark Building charles.davis@colostate.edu
Jeffrey Davis Economics C301 davi4866@rams.colostate.edu
Jenifer Davis Economics C306 Clark jenifer.davis@colostate.edu
John Davis Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences jaddavis@rams.colostate.edu
Sandra Davis Political Science Clark Building sandra.davis@colostate.edu
Alyssa Dawson Sociology Clark B266 alyssa.dawson@colostate.edu
Gerald Delahunty English 359 Eddy Hall gerald.delahunty@colostate.edu
Julie Demuth Journalism julie.demuth@colostate.edu
Michael Deschenes michael.deschenes@colostate.edu
Constance DeVereaux LEAP Arts Leadership & Administration, UCA 303C Constance.DeVereaux@colostate.edu
John Didier History Philosophy 243 Eddy Hall john.didier@colostate.edu
Scott Diffrient Communication Studies Eddy 213-D scott.diffrient@colostate.edu
Deborah Dimon English Deborah.Dimon@colostate.edu
Minh Dinh Economics C414 Clark himinh@rams.colostate.edu
Douglas Dinwiddie History Clark C354 ddinwidd@colostate.edu
Weston Dockter Journalism dockterw@gmail.com
Sue Doe English 314 Eddy-during renovations 349 for Fall 2014 Only sue.doe@colostate.edu
Judy Doenges English 340 Eddy Judy.Doenges@colostate.edu
Stephen Dombrowski Music UCA 325B Stephen.Dombrowski@colostate.edu
Christie Dong Sociology Clark B258 csdong@rams.colostate.edu
Greg Douras CLA Dean's Office CLA Dean's Office Greg.Douras@Colostate.edu
Joanna Doxey CLA Advising Ethnic Studies Philosophy Clark C-140 joanna.doxey@colostate.edu
Natalie Dudley English Eddy N112 natalie.dudley@colostate.edu
Robert Duffy Political Science Clark B 350 robert.duffy@colostate.edu
Pamela Duncan Political Science Clark A-021 pamela2.duncan@colostate.edu
Camille Dungy English Ingersol 256 camille.dungy@colostate.edu
Lorraine Dunn Philosophy 166 Ingersoll Hall lorraine.dunn@colostate.edu
Thomas R. Dunn Communication Studies A235 Behavioral Sciences Building thomas.dunn@colostate.edu
Eric Easley Philosophy 233 Eddy Hall eric.easley@rams.colostate.edu
Cassandra Eddington English Cassie.Eddington@gmail.com
Janet Eddy Marching Band Music Alumni Percussion University Center for the Arts janet.eddy43@gmail.com
Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala English Spruce Hall 108 fabponce@colostate.edu
Morgan Elbot 230 Eddy Hall morgan.elbot@colostate.edu
Rachel Ellins Music UCA 303D Rachel.Ellins@colostate.edu
Riley Ellis Anthropology Foreign Language Clark C 110A riley.a.ellis@gmail.com
Sophie Esch Foreign Language Clark C118 sophie.esch@colostate.edu
Caitlin Evans Wagner Journalism Caitlin.Evans@colostate.edu
Derek Everett History Clark C-356 derek.everett@colostate.edu
Patrick Fahey Art D102G Visual Arts Building patrick.fahey@colostate.edu
Ana Fairchild Foreign Language Clark A 13 ana.tello@colostate.edu
Eric Farnan 308 E. Oak Street #203, Fort Collins, CO 80524 eric@farnan.net
Emily Farrenkopf CLA Advising Clark C207 emily.farrenkopf@colostate.edu
Eric Fattor Political Science Clark C348 efattor@lamar.colostate.edu
Copper Ferreira Music UCA 306A Copper.Ferreira@colostate.edu
Wesley Ferreira Music UCA 320B Wesley.Ferreira@colostate.edu
Mark Fiege History B365 Clark mark.fiege@colostate.edu
Jennifer Fish Kashay History Clark B344 jfkashay@lamar.colostate.edu
Eve Fisher Journalism Lafayette, CO eefisher@rams.colostate.edu
Doug Flahive English Doug.Flahive@colostate.edu
Kristen Foster English Clark A 019 kristenlfoster@gmail.com
Ronald Francois Music UCA 316C Ron.Francois@colostate.edu
Regina Franklin English Regina.Franklin@colostate.edu
David Freed Journalism Clark C256B suspectfreed@gmail.com
David Freeman Sociology N12 Weber Building David.Freeman@ColoState.EDU
Richard Frey Marching Band Music UCA 212B Richard.Frey@colostate.edu
David Fry dfry@colostate.edu
Stephanie G'Schwind English Aylesworth C107 stephanie.gschwind@colostate.edu
Padraig Gallagher 237 Eddy Hall padraig.gallagher@colostate.edu
Harold Gamble Ethics Center Philosophy 222 Eddy Hall harold.gamble@colostate.edu
Antero Garcia English Eddy 317 antero.garcia@colostate.edu
A. África García Fariña English English Grad Foreign Language Clarck C110A africagarcia10@hotmail.com
Kyle Garratt Journalism Clark C223 kgarratt06@gmail.com
Karen Gebhardt Economics Clark C319A karen.gebhardt@colostate.edu
Orin Geer Economics orin.geer@gmail.com
Anna Gerber Journalism anna.gerber@colostate.edu
Katie Gibson Communication Studies katie.gibson@colostate.edu
Sara Gill Ethnic Studies Sociology B258 Clark Sara.Gill@rams.colostate.edu
Bryan Gillispie CLA Dean's Office Clark C-133 bryan.gillispie@colostate.edu
Sarina Glick Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences sarina.glick@colostate.edu
Aparna Gollapudi English Eddy 321 Aparna.Gollapudi@colostate.edu
Yerachmiel Gorelik Philosophy rabbi@colostate.edu
Dawn Grapes Music UCA 301A Dawn.Grapes@colostate.edu
Douglas Grattan Philosophy Eddy 230 dougratt@colostate.edu
Forest Greenough Music UCA 326B Forest.Greenough@colostate.edu
Blair Greenwood Journalism Clark C-223 blair.greenwood@colostate.edu
Frédérique Grim Foreign Language C114 Clark Frederique.Grim@colostate.edu
Sharon Grindle English Eddy 311 (Ingersoll 261 through S15) sharon.grindle@colostate.edu
Courtney Guck Foreign Language Clark C110 courtney.guck@colostate.edu
Robert Gudmestad History Clark B353 robert.gudmestad@colostate.edu
Derek Gumm derek.gumm@colostate.edu
Jianing Guo Foreign Language Clark.C110A Jianing.Guo@colostate.edu
Zhanna Gurvich Theatre UCA 216 Zhanna.Gurvich@colostate.edu
Matt Gustafson Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences mcgustaf@rams.colostate.edu
James Hale Sociology Clark A014 jwhale@rams.colostate.edu
Peter Hall Sociology B240 Clark peter.hall@colostate.edu
Kirk Hallahan Journalism C-220 Clark Bldg. kirk.hallahan@colostate.edu
Idris Hamid Philosophy 221 Eddy Hall idris.hamid@colostate.edu
Wendy-Anne Hamrick Foreign Language Clark C 110A whamrick@gmail.com
Okee Hanna CLA Dean's Office C-138 Clark Building okee.hanna@colostate.edu
Roger Hanna Theatre UCA 216 Roger.Hanna@colostate.edu
Natalie Hansen Journalism Clark Building, C-223 njhansen@rams.colostate.edu
Greg Harper UCA 322B Greg.Harper@colostate.edu
Anna Harvilla Clark C-223 anna.harvilla@colostate.edu
Kai Haswell kai.haswell@colostate.edu
Brody Hatch Economics brody.hatch@colostate.edu
Hui He vickiho.7495@gmail.com
Jo Ann Hedleston Philosophy 232 Eddy Hall jo.hedleston@colostate.edu
Kristin Heineman History Clark B 371 kristin.heineman@colostate.edu
Lynn Hempel Sociology B236 Clark lynn.hempel@colostate.edu
Joshua Hendrickson Sociology Clark B 258 joshua.hendrickson@colostate.edu
Nancy Henke English Ingersoll SE 355 nancy.henke@colostate.edu
Roze Hentschell English Eddy 354 roze.hentschell@colostate.edu
Mary Hickey English Mary.Hickey@colostate.edu
Sheryl Highsmith Dance Music Theatre University Center for the Arts UCA 120G Sheryl.Highsmith@colostate.edu
Ruth Hill Economics C314 Clark ruth.hill@colostate.edu
Katie Hindmarch-Watson History Clark B 342 Katie.Hindmarch-Watson@colostate.edu
Mohammed Hirchi Foreign Language Clark C111 Mohammed.hirchi@colostate.edu
Sabine Hirschauer Political Science Clark C330 Sabine.Hirschauer@colostate.edu
Richard Hoberg English richard.hoberg@colostate.edu
Susan Hochmiller Marx Music UCA 308A Susan.Hochmiller@colostate.edu
Amber Hodges anhodges@colostate.edu
Katie Hoffman English Eddy #324 katie.hoffman@colostate.edu
Stephanie Hoffmann Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences stephanie.hoffmann@colostate.edu
Marie-Jo Hofmann Foreign Language Clark C110D mariejo.hofmann@colostate.edu
Michael Hogan Sociology B243 Clark Michael.Hogan@colostate.edu
Cory Holland English Cory.Holland@colostate.edu
Eric Hollenbeck Music UCA G118D Eric.Hollenbeck@colostate.edu
Scott Holman Eddy 348 Scott.Holman@colostate.edu
Allison Horsley UCA allisonahorsley@gmail.com
Katie Horton Katie.Horton@colostate.edu
Mimi Houston Development Economics Clark C309H mimi.houston@colostate.edu
Lahoma Howard Sociology B271 Clark lahoma.howard@colostate.edu
Adrian Howkins History B368 Clark adrian.howkins@colostate.edu
Nicole Huang Journalism llnicole@rams.colostate.edu
Carol Hughes Foreign Language C104 Clark Carol.Hughes@Colostate.edu
Kathryn Hulings English Ingersoll S.E. 151 Kathryn.Hulings@colostate.edu
Brian Hull Foreign Language Clark 110 Brian.Hull@colostate.edu
Michael Humphrey Journalism Clark C 258 michael.humphrey@colostate.edu
Nancy Hunnicutt CLA Advising Clark C140 nancy.hunnicutt@colostate.edu
Heidi Huntington Journalism Clark C-225 heidi.huntington@colostate.edu
Zach Hutchins English English Grad English Undergrad 310 Eddy Hall zach.hutchins@colostate.edu
Megan Huwa English Clark A 020 megan.huwa@colostate.edu
Julia Huzieff Foreign Language C121 Julia.Huzieff@colostate.edu
Brandon Ingold Theatre UCA G131 Brandon.Ingold@colostate.edu
Candice Ingold Theatre UCA 214E Candice.Ingold@colostate.edu
Wendy Ishii UCA 214 Wendy.Ishii@colostate.edu
Terrence Iverson Economics Clark C324 terry.iverson@colostate.edu
Maia Jackson Journalism C-223 Clark Bldg. maia.jackson@colostate.edu
Pam Jackson pjackson@lamar.colostate.edu
Bonnie Jacobi Music UCA 314E Bonnie.Jacobi@colostate.edu
Tobi Jacobi English 333 Eddy Hall tobi.jacobi@colostate.edu
David Jacoby UCA 302A David.Jacoby@colostate.edu
Heather James CLA Advising Dance Music Theatre UCA 112C Heather.James@colostate.edu
Joshua Jarrott Philosophy jjarrott@mail.colostate.edu
Amparo Jeffrey English Behavioral Sciences Building Rm A107 Amparo.Jeffrey@colostate.edu
Keith Jentzsch Art Art Museum University Center for the Arts UCA 130 Keith.Jentzsch@colostate.edu
Nancy Jianakoplos Economics Clark C-318 Nancy.Jianakoplos@ColoState.edu
Jourdan Jiruska Foreign Language Clark C107 Jourdan.Jiruska@colostate.edu
Benjamin Johnson Foreign Language Clark C110A benjohn@colostate.edu
Erik Johnson Music UCA 314D E.Johnson@colostate.edu
Jack Johnson Philosophy jack.johnson@colostate.edu
Jonathan Johnson jjjjthejetplane92@gmail.com
Rachael C. Johnson CLA Dean's Office Clark C-138 rachael.c.johnson@colostate.edu
Sarah Johnson Music Sarah2.Johnson@colostate.edu
Price Johnston Dance Theatre UCA 214A Price.Johnston@colostate.edu
Elizabeth Bright Jones History Clark B-343 elizabeth.jones@colostate.edu
Laura Jones Theatre UCA 214C Laura.Jones@colostate.edu
Walt Jones LEAP Theatre UCA 120F Walt.Jones@colostate.edu
Jaime Jordan English Ingersoll jaime.jordan@colostate.edu
Robert Jordan History Clark B361 r.jordan@colostate.edu
Nicholas Kacher Economics Clark C 309D njkacher@rams.colostate.edu
Scott Kaiser Sociology Clark B 253 scotthenrykaiser@gmail.com
Krystal Kappeler Economics United States kappeler@rams.colostate.edu
Sayaka Karasugi-Ruggles sayaka.karasugi@gmail.com
Lyn Karius Journalism Lyn.Karius@colostate.edu
Jeff Kasser Philosophy 365 Ingersoll Hall jeff.kasser@colostate.edu
Bradley Kaye Journalism bradleek@rams.colostate.edu
Emily Keats Journalism Clark C 225 emily.keats@gmail.com
Robert Keller Economics C 325 Clark robert.keller@colostate.edu
Rebecca Kennedy English Eddy #308 rebecca.kennedy@colostate.edu
Wes Kenney Music UCA 304B Wes.Kenney@colostate.edu
Gary Kenyon Music UCA 147 Gary.Kenyon@colostate.edu
Jake Keyser CLA Dean's Office Clark C-138 jake.keyser@colostate.edu
Clara Keyt History Clark C351 clara.keyt@colostate.edu
Jon Keyzer 229 Eddy Hall jon.keyzer@colostate.edu
Linda Kidder Journalism C-236 Clark Building Linda.Kidder@colostate.edu
Andrew Killion Dance Music Theatre UCA Annex Andrew.Killion@rams.colostate.edu
James Kim Music UCA 308B James.Kim@colostate.edu
Jangyul Robert Kim Journalism C-230 Clark Bldg. jangyul.kim@colostate.edu
Kyeoung Hee "Kate" Kim Foreign Language Clark C110B katekim72@hotmail.com
Minjeong Kim C-239A Clark Bldg. minjeong.kim@colostate.edu
Sejin (Sage) Kim Journalism Clark C 258A sejin.kim@colostate.edu
Rachel Kirby Foreign Language Clark C108 rachel.kirby@colostate.edu
Falletta Kirksey Dance xxdancerxx203@gmail.com
Richard Kitchener 236 Eddy Hall richard.kitchener@colostate.edu
Beth Klaisner CLA Advising Clark C207 beth.klaisner@colostate.edu
Robert Kling Economics C 305 Clark robert.kling@colostate.edu
Jane Kneller Philosophy 163 Ingersoll Hall jane.kneller@colostate.edu
Kurt Knierim History Clark C356 kurt.knierim@colostate.edu
Andrew Knight Music UCA 305 Andrew.Knight@colostate.edu
Katherine Knobloch Communication Studies Eddy 213A katie.knobloch@colostate.edu
Ariana Kocik aricoco13@gmail.com
Kris Kodrich Journalism C-234 Clark Bldg. kris.kodrich@colostate.edu
Tom Krebs Dance Music Theatre UCA 120E Tom.Krebs@colostate.edu
Christina Kuroiwa Christina.kuroiwa@colostate.edu
Michael Lacy Sociology B248 Clark Michael.Lacy@colostate.edu
Blythe LaGasse Music UCA 145D Blythe.Lagasse@colostate.edu
Carrie A Lamanna English Eddy 330 carrie.lamanna@colostate.edu
Matt Lamb matt.lamb@colostate.edu
Cei Lambert Art M109 cei.a.lambert@gmail.com
James Landers Journalism James.Landers@colostate.edu
Janet Landreth Music UCA 314G Janet.Landreth@colostate.edu
Judith Lane English Judith.Lane@colostate.edu
Lisa Langstraat English lisa.langstraat@colostate.edu
Douglas Langworthy UCA DLangworthy@dcpa.org
George Lattimore Journalism Clark C223 gwlattim@rams.colostate.edu
Francisco Leal Foreign Language Clark C 123 francisco.leal@colostate.edu
Beth Lechleitner English Beth.Lechleitner@colostate.edu
Carmody Leerssen CLA Advising Political Science Clark C335 carmodyl@colostate.edu
Edward Lenzo Philosophy B210 Clark edward.lenzo@colostate.edu
Marnie Leonard English English Grad Behavioral Sciences Building Rm A106 Marnie.Leonard@colostate.edu
Ed Lessor English Edward.Lessor@colostate.edu
Ashley Levi Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences aplevi@rams.colostate.edu
Jennifer Levin English Eddy 323A Jennifer.Levin@colostate.edu
Ryan Levitt Economics Clark C 311 F levittr@rams.colostate.edu
EJ Levy English Ingersoll 159 (office hours held in BSB cafe) ej.levy@colostate.edu
Amy Lewis Political Science United States amybrookelewis@gmail.com
Hsueh-Hsiang (Cher) Li Economics C320 Clark Hsueh-Hsiang.Li@colostate.edu
Judith Lilly Foreign Language Foreign Languages and Literatures Clark C- 110 jlilly3143@msn.com
James E. Lindsay History Clark B-352 james.lindsay@colostate.edu
Nicole Lins Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences nicole.lins@colostate.edu
Ann M. Little History Clark B-341 amlittle@colostate.edu
Joanne Littlefield Journalism 104 University Square Joanne.Littlefield@colostate.edu
Melissa Lombardi Clark C 110A mjclomba@lamar.colostate.edu
Kelly Long CLA Dean's Office History Clark C131 Kelly.Long@colostate.edu
Marilee Long Journalism C-216 Clark Bldg. marilee.long@colostate.edu
Melanie Long Economics Clark C301A Melanie.Long@colostate.edu
Jerry Lorenson Sociology Clark B265 jerry.lorenson@colostate.edu
María Losada Carballares Foreign Language Clark C Building, C110 losmaria@rams.colostate.edu
Michael Losonsky Philosophy 358 Ingersoll Hall michael.losonsky@colostate.edu
Steve Lovaas Journalism 601 Howes Street, 619C steven.lovaas@colostate.edu
Jack Lovelace Journalism jacklovelace@comcast.net
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Greg Luft Journalism C-242A Clark Bldg. greg.luft@colostate.edu
Sonya Lundblad English Eddy Hall 318 sonya.lundblad@colostate.edu
Lucile Lunde Foreign Language Clark C110A lulunde@rams.colostate.edu
Debborah Luntsford Political Science Clark C346 debborah.luntsford@colostate.edu
Ananda Luttet Journalism Ananda.Luttet@colostate.edu
María del Carmen López Ramírez Foreign Language Clark A 028 mclopez@rams.colostate.edu
María del Mar López-Cabrales Foreign Language C117A Clark Building Cabrales@ColoState.edu
Bradley Macdonald Political Science C366 Clark bradley.macdonald@colostate.edu
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June Macon Journalism Clark C223 june.macon@colostate.edu
Charles Maimone Philosophy B209 Clark Hall charles.maimone@colostate.edu
Stephanie Malin Sociology B234 Clark Stephanie.Malin@colostate.edu
Diane Margolf History Clark B 370 Diane.Margolf@colostate.edu
Tyler Mark 230 Eddy Hall tyler.mark@colostate.edu
Ben Markley Jazz Piano, Jazz Studies Ben.Markley@colostate.edu
Holly Marlatt Journalism holly.marlatt@colostate.edu
William Marvin English 356 Eddy Hall wmarvin@colostate.edu
Steven Marx Music UCA 326A Steven.Marx@colostate.edu
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David McArthur Dance UCA 302A David.McArthur@colostate.edu
Quinha McBride Development Clark C-127 quinha.mcbride@colostate.edu
Chelsea McCormack Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences chelsea.mccormack@colostate.edu
Mike McCulloch Philosophy 363 Ingersoll Hall mike.mcculloch@colostate.edu
Mac McGoldrick Philosophy mac.mcgoldrick@colostate.edu
Kelly McGregor CLA Advising Clark C-207 kelly.mcgregor@colostate.edu
John McGuire Music UCA 320A John.McGuire@colostate.edu
David W. McIvor Political Science Clark C 366A David.McIvor@colostate.edu
Colleen McKee Foreign Language Clark A 12C colleen.mckee@colostate.edu
Pat McKee Philosophy 366 Ingersoll Hall pmckee@lamar.colostate.edu
Rick McKita Philosophy 275 Ingersoll Hall richard.mckita@colostate.edu
Daniel McLane Sociology Clark B234 daniel.mclane@colostate.edu
Alexus McLeod Philosophy 236 Eddy Hall alexus.mcleod@colostate.edu
Steve McNeal Music UCA 303A Stephen.McNeal@colostate.edu
Bev McQuinn English 156 Ingerswoll SE Beverly.McQuinn@colostate.edu
Katie McShane Philosophy 367 Ingersoll Hall katie.mcshane@colostate.edu
Alissa Meeks Philosophy alissa.meeks@rams.colostate.edu
Paul Metz Music UCA 120 Paul.Metz@colostate.edu
Michelle Meyer Sociology michelle.lueck@colostate.edu
Lindsey Middendorf CLA Dean's Office Clark C138 Lindsey.Middendorf@colostate.edu
Rosa Mikeal Martey Journalism C-218 Clark Bldg. rosa.martey@colostate.edu
Don Miller millerdont@msn.com
Margaret Miller Music UCA 321B Margaret.J.Miller@colostate.edu
Casey Mirick Casey.Mirick@colostate.edu
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Marjorie Moss Dance Music Theatre UCA 132 marjorie.moss@colostate.edu
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Peter Muller Dance Music Theatre University Center for the Arts UCA 120 Peter.Muller@colostate.edu
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Adam Murray Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences armurray@lamar.colostate.edu
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Jessica Murski Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences jessica.murski@colostate.edu
David Mushinski Economics Clark C-316 david.mushinski@colostate.edu
Dulcinea Muñoz Gomez Foreign Language Clark C110A dulcinea@colostate.edu
Zachary Naramore naramore@rams.colostate.edu
Jordan Navin Economics Clark C311 F Jordan.Navin@colostate.edu
Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker English Ingersoll S.E., Room 264 t.nekrasova_beker@colostate.edu
Hiep Nguyen Economics harryng@rams.colostate.edu
Hannah Nizam-Aldine English Ingersoll S.E. 259 haldine6368@gmail.com
kurtis north Communication Studies Eddy 112 kurtis.north@colostate.edu
Ana Noveria Economics Economics Ana.Noveria@colostate.edu
Neely O'Connor CLA Advising Clark C207 neely.oconnor@colostate.edu
Tara O'Connor Shelley Sociology B264 Clark tara.shelley@colostate.edu
Gretchen O'Dell Foreign Language C Clark 103C gretchen.odell@colostate.edu
Cindy O'Donnell-Allen English Cindy.Odonnell-Allen@colostate.edu
David Oh Communication Studies 213B david.oh@colostate.edu
G. Murray Oliver Music UCA 120 Murray.Oliver@colostate.edu
Ryan Olsen Music UCA 314F Ryan.Olsen@colostate.edu
Susan Opp Political Science Clark C-339 susan.opp@colostate.edu
Tara Opsal Sociology B235 Clark Tara.Opsal@colostate.edu
Taylor Ordway Economics Clark C 314 tordway425@gmail.com
Janet Ore History Clark B 366 janet.ore@colostate.edu
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Alex Ostwald Staff Master Electrician, UCA Annex 101 Alex.Ostwald@rams.colostate.edu
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Mike Palmquist English Drake Hall Mike.Palmquist@colostate.edu
Lorella Paltrinieri Foreign Language Clark C110E lorella.paltrinieri@colostate.edu
Jeffrey Pannekoek Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences J.Pannekoek@colostate.edu
Linda Parent Dance Theatre University Center for the Arts UCA 120A Linda.Parent@colostate.edu
Justin Patry Journalism Justin.Patry@Colostate.edu
Joelle Paulson English Ingersoll SE 354 joelle.paulson@colostate.edu
Sarah Payne History Clark B363 Sarah.Payne@colostate.edu
Antonio Pedrós-Gascón Foreign Language Clark C124 apedros@mail.colostate.edu
Lori Peek Sociology B237 Clark Lori.Peek@colostate.edu
Anita Alves Pena Economics C312 Clark anita.pena@colostate.edu
Nereida Perdigón Foreign Language Clark C 103 nereida.perdigon@colostate.edu
Luke Petach Economics Clark C 301A Luke.Petach@Colostate.edu
Edgar Peyronnin Journalism Shepardson 227D ed.peyronnin@colostate.edu
Annaleigh Pfiffner Dance Theatre UCA 214E Annaleigh.Pfiffner@colostate.edu
Rebecca Phillips Bands Music UCA 212 Rebecca.Phillips@colostate.edu
Sarah Louise Pieplow English Ingersoll S.E. 151 sarahlouisemfa@gmail.com
Tavio Pirocchi Economics C314 #10 tavio.pirocchi@colostate.edu
Patrick Lee Plaisance Journalism C-236A Clark Bldg. patrick.plaisance@colostate.edu
Elizabeth Plombon Sociology Clark B-265 elizabeth.plombon@colostate.edu
Ludmila Pokatilova Foreign Language Clark C 121 lpokatil@lamar.colostate.edu
Sarah Pooler Journalism Sarah.Pooler@colostate.edu
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Eric Prince Theatre UCA 214B Eric.Prince@colostate.edu
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Andrea Purdy Foreign Language Clark C115 andrea.purdy@colostate.edu
Andrew Quist Philosophy Eddy 230 acq@rams.colostate.edu
Kristina Quynn English 334 Eddy quynn@colostate.edu
Chris Raftery Clark C225 cmraft@colostate.edu
Catherine Ratliff English Eddy 348 catherine.ratliff@colostate.edu
Laura Raynolds Sociology B245 Clark Laura.Raynolds@colostate.edu
Amber Reese Sociology Clark A-008 amber.e.reese@colostate.edu
Kathy Reese Journalism Clark Bldg. C240A kathy.reese@colostate.edu
Nancy Rehe History B 357 Clark nancy.rehe@colostate.edu
Anne Reid English 257 Ingersoll Hall anne.reid@colostate.edu
Louann Reid English 362 Eddy Louann.Reid@colostate.edu
Rob Reuteman Journalism C-258A Rob.Reuteman@colostate.edu
Gwendolen Reyes-Illg Philosophy gwendydvm@gmail.com
Zack Rickert Theatre United States zack.rickert@gmail.com
Beth Riser Art United States bronzephotoarts@gmail.com
Bill Ritter, Jr. Political Science 108 Johnson Hall linda.wardlow@colostate.edu
Joshua Rivard History jrivard@rams.colostate.edu
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Stephen Cory Robinson Journalism cory.robinson@colostate.edu
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Carol Roderick Dance LEAP UCA 111C Carol.Roderick@colostate.edu
DJ Rogers Sociology drogers@rams.colostate.edu
Danielle Rojas Foreign Language Eddy 207 Danielle.Dreiling@colostate.edu
James Roller English Ingersoll S.E. 357 James.Roller@colostate.edu
Bernard Rollin Philosophy 240 Eddy Hall bernard.rollin@colostate.edu
Linda Rollin Philosophy B208 Clark Hall linda.rollin@colostate.edu
Holmes Rolston, III Philosophy Holmes.Rolston@ColoState.EDU
Bruce Ronda English bruce.ronda@colostate.edu
Anthonie Rose 750 Meridian Ave Anthonie.Rose@colostate.edu
Elizabeth Rose Foreign Language Clark C110D liz.rose@colostate.edu
Abigail Ross Journalism Clark C-223 abby.ross@alumni.colostate.edu
Katie Rothstein Friends of the UCA LEAP Music Alumni Opera University Center for the Arts University Center for the Arts 303 Katie.Rothstein@colostate.edu
Matthew Rothstein Philosophy mrothste@rams.colostate.edu
Donna Rouner Journalism C-233 Clark Bldg. donna.rouner@colostate.edu
Brianna Rumley Foreign Language rumleyb29@gmail.com
John Russell CLA Dean's Office john.russell@colostate.edu
John Russell CLA Dean's Office Clark C138 cla_webmaster@mail.colostate.edu
Sue Russell English 353 Eddy Hall Sue.Russell@colostate.edu
Karyl Sabbath karyl.sabbath@colostate.edu
Michael Sakas Journalism Clark C 223 michael.e.sakas@gmail.com
Jill Salahub English 255 Ingersoll Hall jill.salahub@colostate.edu
Sandra Sanchez Dance Music Theatre University Center for the Arts UCA 120 Sandra.Sanchez@colostate.edu
Terrie Sandelin English Terrie.Sandelin@colostate.edu
Kyle Saunders Political Science Clark C366C kyle.saunders@colostate.edu
Tyler Saxon Economics tyler.saxon@colostate.edu
Joshua Sbicca Sociology B265 Clark j.sbicca@colostate.edu
Parker Schill Philosophy pschill@rams.colostate.edu
Liesel Schilperoort Sociology Clark B269 liesel.schilperoort@colostate.edu
Amy Scholl Theatre UCA 214E Amy.Scholl@colostate.edu
Stephanie Scott Journalism stephanie@stephaniescottphoto.com
Barbara Sebek English 256 Ingersoll SE barbara.sebek@colostate.edu
Pete Seel Journalism C-205 Clark Bldg. pete.seel@colostate.edu
John Seesholtz Music UCA 302B john.seesholtz@colostate.edu
Saori Seta Nyholm Foreign Language Clark C117 saori.seta@colostate.edu
Maggie Seymour UCA G133 Margaret.Fee@rams.colostate.edu
Nathan "Cory" Seymour Dance Theatre UCA G133 Nathan.Seymour@colostate.edu
Neelam Sharma Journalism United States sneelam1@gmail.com
Douglas Sheflin History Clark C355 douglas.sheflin@colostate.edu
JulieMarie Shepherd Political Science Clark C330 juliemarie.shepherd@colostate.edu
Anne Sheriff English Foreign Language ClarkC 110A anne.sheriff@colostate.edu
Bruce Shields English Ingersoll S.E. 267 bruce.shields@colostate.edu
Martin Shields Economics C-323 martin.shields@colostate.edu
Steven Shulman Economics C306 Clark steven.shulman@colostate.edu
Lynn Shutters English lynn.shutters@colostate.edu
Elizabeth Sink Communication Studies Eddy 13 elizabeth.sink@colostate.edu
Gayathri Sivakumar Journalism C 233 gayathri.sivakumar@colostate.edu
Megan Skeehan Ethnic Studies 202 Willard O. Eddy Hall megan.skeehan@colostate.edu
Kristin Slattery Communication Studies kristin.slattery@colostate.edu
Sarah Sloane English Eddy 331 Sarah.Sloane@colostate.edu
Jane Slusarski-Harris Dance UCA 120 J.Slusarski-Harris@colostate.edu
Julia Smith Journalism Clark C223 julia.smith@colostate.edu
skyler smith ssmith83@colostate.edu
Mike Solo Art Museum Dance Friends of the UCA Music Theatre University Center for the Arts UCA 112 Mike.Solo@colostate.edu
Peter Sommer Music UCA 304A Peter.Sommer@colostate.edu
Xu (Bevin) Song Journalism Clark B211 bevin.song@colostate.edu
Leif Sorensen English 347 Eddy Hall Leif.Sorensen@colostate.edu
Maile Speetjens Dance Theatre Costume Shop Maile.Speetjens@colostate.edu
Charlene Spencer History Clark B356 Charlene.Spencer@ColoState.Edu
Kim Spencer Journalism C226, Clark Bldg. Kimberly.Spencer@colostate.edu
Michelle Stanley Music UCA 306B Michelle.Stanley@colostate.edu
Catherine Knight Steele Journalism Clark C227 catherine.steele@colostate.edu
Sasha Steensen English Sasha.Steensen@colostate.edu
Chris Stein 229 Eddy Hall christopher.stein@colostate.edu
Daniel Stephen History Clark B342 dan.stephen@colostate.edu
Marcus Stevenson Marcdste@rams.colostate.edu
Dimitris Stevis Political Science Clark C340 dimitris.stevis@colostate.edu
Jessie Stewart CLA Advising CLA Dean's Office Communication Studies Journalism Clark C 207d Jessie.Stewart@colostate.edu
Leslie Stewart Music UCA 314B Leslie2.Stewart@colostate.edu
Cody Stieritz cmcrae@rams.colostate.edu
Danielle Stomberg Journalism danielle.stomberg@colostate.edu
Andrew Stoner andrew.stoner@colostate.edu
John Straayer Political Science Clark C-338 john.straayer@colostate.edu
Noel Strapko Sociology noel.strapko@colostate.edu
Shilo Stroman Music UCA G118D Shilo.Stroman@colostate.edu
Jose Suarez-Garcia Foreign Language Clark C 119 Jose.Suarez_Garcia@colostate.edu
Linnea Sudduth Journalism linnea.sudduth@colostate.edu
Thaddeus Sunseri History Clark B-346 Thaddeus.Sunseri@Colostate.edu
Christina Sutton English Christina.Sutton@colostate.edu
Janelle Sutton Dance Theatre Costume Shop Janelle.Sutton@colostate.edu
Debbie Swann Theatre UCA 303A debbie.swann@colostate.edu
Lou Swanson Sociology 136 Student Services Building louis.swanson@colostate.edu
Mary Swanson Mary.Swanson@colostate.edu
Meghan Swella Journalism meghan.swella@colostate.edu
Wil Swindler Music UCA 321A Wil.Swindler@colostate.edu
Jamie Switzer Journalism C-239 Clark Bldg. jamie.switzer@colostate.edu
Daniele Tavani Economics C310 Clark daniele.tavani@colostate.edu
David Taylor UCA 111A David.Taylor@colostate.edu
Pete Taylor Sociology B247 Clark Pete.Taylor@Colostate.edu
Edward Teather-Posadas Economics Clark C301 Edward.Teather-posadas@colostate.edu
Jen Teeple Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences jen.teeple@colostate.edu
Sayat Temirbekov Anthropology stemir@colostate.edu
Elizabeth Terry CLA Advising CLA Dean's Office Communication Studies Clark C 207 (Main Office) elizabeth.terry@colostate.edu
Corene Thaut Music UCA 145 Corene.Thaut@colostate.edu
Michael Thaut Music UCA 145 Michael.Thaut@colostate.edu
Barbara Thiem Music UCA 314C Barbara.Thiem@colostate.edu
Laura Thomas English 353 Ingersoll Hall (southeast wing) Laura.Thomas@colostate.edu
Debby Thompson English 332 Eddy Hall Deborah.Thompson@Colostate.edu
Hayley Thompson Journalism hayleyE.thompson@colostate.edu
Jena Thompson Journalism Clark C 223 jena.thompson@colostate.edu
Sydney Thompson Journalism Clark C223 syd.e.thompson@gmail.com
Emily Thorn Sociology emily.thorn@colostate.edu
Colleen Timothy CLA Dean's Office C-138 Clark Building Colleen.Timothy@colostate.edu
Jennifer Tobin-Gurley Sociology Clark A-009 jennifer.tobin-gurley@colostate.edu
Adam A Torres Music UCA 322A Adam.Torres@colostate.edu
Kris Townsend Kris.Townsend@ColoState.EDU
Margaret Tracy CLA Dean's Office Clark C-138 mtracy@colostate.edu
Stephanie Train Journalism Clark 235-A stephan.train@colostate.edu
Paul Trembath English Eddy 351 Paul.Trembath@colostate.edu
Elizabeth Tropman Philosophy 242 Eddy Hall beth.tropman@colostate.edu
Graeme Troxell Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences graeme.troxell@gmail.com
Craig Trumbo ctrumbo@colostate.edu
Craig Trumbo Journalism C-229 Clark Bldg. ctrumbo@mac.com
Matthew Truslow English Eddy 112 Matthew.Truslow@colostate.edu
Isaac Tubb CLA Advising Clark C-208 Isaac.Tubb@colostate.edu
Dustin Tucker Philosophy 237 Eddy Hall dustin.tucker@colostate.edu
Philip Turetzky Philosophy B208 Clark Hall philip.turetzky@colostate.edu
Prabha Unnithan Sociology B242 Clark Prabha.Unnithan@colostate.edu
Fernando Valerio-Holguín Foreign Language C120 Clark Building fvalerio@mail.colostate.edu
Anabela Vanesa Valerioti English Grad Foreign Language Clark C110A valerioti.anabela@gmail.com
Claude Vallance Claude.Vallance@colostate.edu
Michelle Valoris Journalism Palmer Center: Housing & Dining Services mvaloris@gmail.com
Christopher Van Hof Music UCA 322B Christopher.Van_Hof@colostate.edu
Ramaa Vasudevan Economics C 321 Clarke ramaa.vasudevan@colostate.edu
Pamela Vaughan Knaus History Clark B 367 pam.vaughan_knaus@colostate.edu
Casey Vavrina Foreign Language casey.vavrina@colostate.edu
Marcela Velasco Political Science Clark B 348 marcela.velasco@colostate.edu
maura velazquez-castillo Foreign Language mvelaz@colostate.edu
Abby Veliquette abigail.veliquette@colostate.edu
Esther Venable Foreign Language Clark C 123 (until end of Spring Semester 2015) evenable@lamar.colostate.edu
Katie Virostek katherinev14@outlook.com
Mary Vogl Foreign Language Clark C105 Mary.Vogl@Colostate.edu
Gary Voss Art Art Museum University Center for the Arts G100VA Gary.Voss@Colostate.edu
Annie Walker Journalism Clark C-223 annie.walker@colostate.edu
Brittany Walker Journalism Clark-C223 brittanywalker105@gmail.com
Debra Walker English Debra.Walker@colostate.edu
Adam Walsh Journalism Clark C 223 adam.walsh@colostate.edu
yiyu wang English wangyiyuwin@163.com
Taylor Webster Assistant Master Electrictian, UCA Annex 101 Taylor.Webster@colostate.edu
Jake Wedgworth Foreign Language Clark C110A jakewedg@gmail.com
Mary Kay Wedum Mary.Wedum@colostate.edu
Stephan Weiler Economics C329 Clark stephan.weiler@colostate.edu
Steven Weiss Journalism Clark C-204 steven.weiss@colostate.edu
Alyson Welker English Ingersol 265 alyson.welker@colostate.edu
Mariah Wenzel Journalism Clark C 223 mwenzel@rams.colostate.edu
Sarah Wernsing CLA Advising English Clark C140 sarah.wernsing@colostate.edu
Jessica Whitehead Dance Music Theatre UCA Annex Jessica.Whitehead@colostate.edu
Ken Wilcock CLA Dean's Office United States ken.wilcock@colostate.edu
Franziska Wilcox Foreign Language Clark C-110E frankie.wilcox@colostate.edu
Nate Will English Grad Foreign Language natewill@rams.colostate.edu
Tyler Will Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences tyler.will@colostate.edu
Elizabeth Williams Communication Studies Eddy 209A Elizabeth.A.Williams@colostate.edu
Nicole Wilshusen Music UCA 145H Nicole.Wilshusen@colostate.edu
Gaylene Wolfe Philosophy 243B Eddy Hall gaylene.wolfe@colostate.edu
Matthew Workman CLA Dean's Office Matthew.Workman@rams.colostate.edu
Dakota Worthley CLA Advising Clark C-207 dakota.worthley@colostate.edu
Corey Lee Wrenn Sociology corey.wrenn@gmail.com
Amanda Wright Communication Studies Eddy 13 amanda.wright@colostate.edu
Nancy Wright English nancy.wright@colostate.edu
Zach Wrublewski Philosophy A208 Behavioral Sciences Zach.Wrublewski@colostate.edu
Yue Wu Foreign Language Music Clark C110C Yue.Wu@colostate.edu
Melissa Wygant Clark C 225 mwygant@colostate.edu
Hongyan Xiang History Clark B-366 Hong.Xiang@colostate.edu
Deborah Yalen History Clark B362 Deborah.Yalen@colostate.edu
Doug Yarrington History Clark B357 Doug.Yarrington@colostate.edu
Michael Yeadon Economics Clark C311B michael.yeadon@colostate.edu
Kristina Yelinek English 354 Ingersoll SE kristina.yelinek@colostate.edu
Amy Young CLA Advising Sociology Clark B 272 amy.young@colostate.edu
Justin Youngk justinyoungk91@gmail.com
Sammy Zahran Economics C-312A Clark szahran@colostate.edu
Hui Zhang Journalism Clark C 225 huizhang@rams.colostate.edu
Donald Zimmerman Journalism don.zimmerman@colostate.edu
Rhema Zlaten Journalism C258 rhemazlaten@hotmail.com
Sarah Zwick-Tapley UCA 132 Sarah.Zwick-Tapley@colostate.edu