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“Who Do You Think You Are?”

Robert_GudmestadThis past summer, Dr. Robert Gudmestad, an Associate Professor in CSU’s Department of History, appeared on the TLC series “Who Do You Think You Are?” with actor Jim Parsons of “The Big Bang Theory.” Gudmestad, the author of “Steamboats And the Rise of the Cotton Kingdom” and a specialist in the history of the American South, was contacted by TLC to help Parsons learn about his family history in Lousiana in the 1850s (one ancestor in particular had an important connection to a notable steamboat). During their conversation, Gudmestad presented family-related documents to Parsons that he had not previously seen. Filming took place in New Orleans on board the last working steamboat on the Mississippi River, “Natchez,” which is now used for leisure excursions.

“Jim really was great – he asked a lot of really good questions about steamboats and his past,” said Gudmestad. “It was a lot of fun.”