Sociology in Progress (SiP) lectures series, by Dr Robert RossImage of

Sociology in Progress (SiP) lectures series, by Dr Robert Ross

IMG_5083The Sociology was please to have Professor Robert Ross give a lecture on February 26th titled, “Spectacular Disasters and the Race to the Bottom: Learning about contemporary capitalism from Bangladesh”


Since the 1980s, Dr. Ross has worked on the political economy of urban development and the analysis of global capitalism. He still does occasional work on the social movements of the 1960s, and is fre-quently interviewed about his role in those movements. Dr. Ross has worked as a speechwriter and pol-icy advisor, and he writes occasional commentary for magazines. In 1995, he began research on the resurgence of sweatshops in the U.S. and global apparel industry, and he has given over 100 public lec-tures on the issue. His work on this topic has been published in The Nation, Foreign Affairs, Dollars and Sense, as well as a number of edited collections of research on globalization. His book, Slaves to Fashion: Poverty and Abuse in the New Sweatshops, was published in 2004.