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Welcome Back To Campus

We hope that your return to campus for spring semester brings a fresh and renewed perspective with better weather and successful studies in the forecast. Please note the information below about JTC course availability. For important dates regarding adding or dropping courses, click here: http://registrar.colostate.edu/faculty/springdates.aspx

As courses resume this week, many JTC sections are full, and some required courses, such as JTC 210 and JTC 211, are managed by the department to assist students with highest priority. In these cases, attendance in class and immediate contact with instructors is recommended.
The department does have seats available in other courses as listed below. Most of these courses have prerequisites.

JTC 343 Advanced Television News Production
JTC 345 Electronic Field Production
JTC 350 Public Relations
JTC 351 Public Relations Practices
JTC 353 Public Relations Campaigns (New section added)
JTC 361 Writing for Specialized Magazines (New section added)
JTC 373 Digital Promotion Management
JTC 450 Public Relations Cases (Capstone)
JTC 465 Specialized and Technical Editing
JTC 471 Communication Research Methods
JTC 650 Public Relations Management (This graduate level course may be available to advanced undergraduate PR students depending on completion of PR requirements. Check with instructor Jangyul Kim).

In all cases, students must attend class during the first week. Students who do not attend class during the first week may be dropped from a course to make room for others.

It is common for students to adjust schedules during the first week of class, so it is possible that more openings may occur. Vigilance is recommended for those who may want to add a course that is in high demand. Students generally should not plan to add a course after the first week of classes.

Questions about courses, openings and requirements can be addressed to instructors or to undergraduate administrator Ananda Luttet.

The department also offers online courses for students whose schedules don’t allow the courses to be completed in a traditional campus setting. These courses are NOT covered by normal tuition. This spring, the department’s relevant offerings for JTC majors include JTC 326, Online Writing and Journalism; JTC 350, Public Relations; JTC 361, Writing for Specialized Magazines; and JTC 372, Web Design and Management. The courses can be found on the Department of Continuing Education’s Website.

The JTC Department also offers a number of summer courses, and the most accurate list of those courses, along with dates that they’re offered, can be found on Ramweb. Registration for summer courses begins March 23, but if you want to plan your summer in advance, be sure to check the online schedule so you can determine what summer courses might work with your academic plan.