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Updates from the Department of Art and Art History

Catherine DiCesare has a forthcoming article, “Tlaloc Rites and the Huey Tozoztli Festival in the Mexican Codex Borbonicus.” She also has a digital entry, “Time, ritual and sacred landscape in Aztec Mexico,” Mexicolore, 2014, http://www.mexicolore.co.uk/aztecs/calendar/time-ritual-and-sacred-landscape-in-aztec-mexico

Natalie Barnes did the cover illustration for the CO300 textbook, “Rhetorical Readings for Advanced Writers,” Colorado State University Composition Program, Spring 2015.

Anna Bernhard and Natalie Barnes will be presenting research findings and information on The Institute for Learning & Teaching Reinvention Center Science of Learning Course Development Competition, Spring 2014 for ART100 at the National Art Education Association conference in New Orleans in March.

Haley Bates just returned from California where she, and her collective known as Telegraph, completed an installation at California State Univ-Northridge Art Gallery.  Comprised of seven members with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, Telegraph is an artist collective that originated in Detroit, Michigan and functions as a running conversation, typically conducted at long range. Occasionally the group materializes and collects in one location to collaborate on projects and exhibitions.

Tracey Stuckey has a solo show at the Visions West Gallery in Denver.

Erika Osborne has paintings in a group show touring from Indiana University of Pittsburgh to Robert Morris University Gallery to Space Gallery in Pittsburgh.