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Undergraduates Involved in Faculty Research

Several political science majors spent the spring and summer semesters digging through state-level lobbyist registration records. They were trying to identify Religious Right and LGBT interest groups that lobby state legislatures around the country. Seniors Steven Day, Rachel Lynn, and Shadi Barzideh, and Junior Brad Billica built a database of these groups registered during 2006-2010 for Dr. Kim Conger. Dr. Conger is studying the impact of the mobilization of opposing interest groups on state politics. The students did the work for independent study credit and learned quite a bit about the nuts and bolts of the political science research process. Each remains involved in the next stage of the data collection and will help train more undergraduate coders who will be joining the project this fall to collect interest group data for 2001-2005. The research is set to be presented at an academic conference next year.