Technology Boost Enhances LearningImage of

Technology Boost Enhances Learning

With new technology dictating much of what happens in professional communication arenas these days, the Department of Journalism and Technical Communication is determined to make the latest tools available for students.  With help from the College of Liberal Arts, the Department has all new computers in four 18-station computer labs.  These computers feature the full master suite of Adobe writing and production programs, as well as the Microsoft Office suite and specialized research software packages.  The Department’s video lab and edit suites also feature Apple Computer’s Final Cut Pro Studio package.

JTC Labs all feature projection systems for easy audio-visual use as well as for software training.

In addition to new computers and the most current software, the College of Liberal Arts has been helping to update the University’s television studio.  This studio is shared by the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, the Communications and Creative Services staff, and the JTC department.  The RMSMC’s Campus Television operation currently produces nightly programming in the studio.

The CSU studio, seen here during a tour for high school students, is used for news,
sports and interview programs.
With multimedia and a full set of production skills now considered essential for college journalism graduates, the Department also is piloting a program that will put small, wallet-sized, camcorders in the hands of every student in the sophomore level computer-mediated visual communication course.  The students pay a fee for this course, and as a result will own the cameras.  They also will own a small, lavaliere-style microphone and data storage card.  This program kicks off in October, with 72 students involved. Because students will own the cameras, they will be able to use them in subsequent courses where the camera’s’ capabilities to capture still photos, audio and high definition video will enable a wider range of media production skills development.
The JTC Department’s incoming freshman class will face new challenges and opportunities
as a result of changing expectations in professional communication venues.