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Tech-Savvy Graduates Face Changing Job Market

With a tough economy and a changing media environment facing recent graduates, the job market for professional communicators is perhaps more challenging in 2009 than any year in recent memory. But early reports from the December, 2008, graduating class are encouraging, with a number graduates happily at work in their specialty areas.

While opportunities in some traditional venues including newspapers are tighter, graduates of the Journalism and Technical Communication Department are finding positions in a wide variety of emerging communication professions. Employers regularly note that writing skills are still the number one priority when they hire communicators. But the next most important factor is the ability for graduates to adapt to changing communication venues and delivery options. Opportunities for graduates with skills involving Web, video and specialized publications seem to be expanding, especially in organizational communication venues including non-profit organizations, corporate environments and governmental agencies.

About 100 seniors are set to graduate in May with another 46 already discovering what happens after a college career of extensive theoretical and skills-based training. Of these 46 December graduates, the department named seven as “outstanding graduates,” a designation for students who excelled both academically and in extra-curricular activities related to their chosen field of study. These graduates were recognized at a December reception and include:

Masters of Science in Public Communication and Technology:

Jennifer “Jamie” Folosm, Yinghui Gu, Jefferie Kristine Mitchell.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Technical Communication:

Benjamin D. Aaker; Travis J. Anderson; Michael G. Battey; Kyle E. Bell; Amy Bloom; Stephanie L. Boice; Amanda R. Boughey; Ryan S. Breen; Laura A. Carper; Caroline T. Chant Ashley K. Colburn; James C. Donnelly; John E. Donnelly; Jennifer M. Duffy; Whitney K. Faulconer, Anh T. Ha; Mason M. Halfmann; Suzanne E. Harvat; James D. Holt; Lauren K. Karpiel; Paula N. Kim; Micka E. King; Anthony H. Lardie; Jocelyn M. Linde; Rina A. Martinez; Theodore E. Mast; Caitlin M. McConaughy; Leah D. Miller; Stephanie J. Miller; Karen M. Morfitt; Corey D. Murzyn; Vimal R. Patel; Kristen L. Pflipsen; Lauren A. Piesch; Matthew T. Pucak; Rachel M. Robichaux; Molly C. Ronan; Alexandra N. Scolaro; Krista A. Sibell; Luke A. Simmons; Rebecca A. Stegura; Laura E. Szczecina; Shea A. Talbot; Justin E. Vaughan; Carley A. Wagner; David W. Welch