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Sue Pendell Receives WSCA Distinguished Service Award

WSCA Distinguished Service Award 2Sue Pendell, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication Studies, received the Western States Communication Association (WSCA) Distinguished Service Award at the WSCA Convention Luncheon February 17th in Anaheim, CA.

The Award was presented by Teresa Bergman, Chair of the WSCA Distinguished Service Award Committee. In her remarks, Dr. Bergman pointed out the recipient’s career accomplishments as well as her extensive service to the Association, including chairing nearly every major leadership committee in WSCA and holding every imaginable elected position including President. Nominators noted that Dr. Pendell’s “most important contribution to the association was as Executive Director,” when she worked “tirelessly for … four years restructuring the inner-workings of the association.” Letters of support commented that she “not only helped save the organization from near disaster” but that her work also “placed the association on extraordinarily firm footing.”

Dr. Bergman concluded the presentation by saying that “the best way, no, the only way for WSCA to recognize this year’s recipient is to have an extremely organized conference, come in under budget, be incredibly inclusive and transparent in all of its dealings with its members new and old, and to give an award speech that does not run too long.”