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Student News: Instant Looks from Student Perspectives

If there is one thing that the millennial generation is known for, it is their natural draw towards and heavy involvement in Social Media. With seemingly endless social platform choices (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat to name a few), it has become exceptionally easy for individuals to share their lives with those around them. At the University Center for the Arts, a unique and fun way has been created for music students to share their love for music online.

The music Instagram account (@CSUMusic) is used to regularly give snapshots of activities in and around the UCA. One of the ways the department encourages student engagement is through a weekly student account takeover. Any undergraduate or graduate music student, from ensemble members to Therapy majors, can volunteer to become a student curator and manage the CSU Music profile for a full week.

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During their time in the spotlight, the curator makes an introductory post with a short description about themselves, their major, and why they love music. From there, they are encouraged to share about their daily adventures in music. Within the last month alone, students have posted about everything from their musical fraternities/sororities, local gigs they have played at, fun times at the corner coffee shop, and so much more!

What makes the CSU Music Instagram account special is that each curator has the opportunity to document something that uniquely defines them and gives their perspective on music. For example, junior percussionist Chris Hewitt first shared photos from behind the drum set in his Jazz I class, and then took followers into Downtown Fort Collins where he played a gig at a local restaurant. Fourth year History and Political Science major Kelly Perry displayed her involvement with the Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity, and then did a throwback to her involvement with the CSU Marching Band. Both perspectives were unique and interesting, with the underlying bond of music between them.

The feedback from curators has also been very positive. Sophomore Music Education major Nicky Tisdall said she “Absolutely loved it!” She particularly enjoyed the sense of community that comes through the Instagram account, saying “Sharing experiences through social media is a great way to connect to and relate with your peers.” This comradery is also reflected in the growth of the Instagram account. In the past quarter alone, the number of followers has increased by 22%, demonstrating a growth in the community and interest in what the account has to offer.

If you, or someone you know, wants to take over the CSU Music Instagram account for a week, please email Brandon Adams at or visit the marketing office in Room 112 at the UCA.

- By Brandon Adams