Sociology and CDRA brown bag lecture, Nov 21stImage of

Sociology and CDRA brown bag lecture, Nov 21st

A ‘Natural’ Disaster? The Impact of Drought on Farming Communities in Southwest Kansas
Dr. Elke Weesjes
Thursday, November 21, Noon – 1:00 p.m.
B-252 Clark Building, Colorado State University
This lecture, which draws on findings from fieldwork and includes numerous photographs, examines the impact of the 2010-2013 drought on farming communities in Southwest Kansas. Dr. Weesjes’ research documents daily life under harsh environmental conditions and explores how these communities cope with the devastating effects of drought. The presentation will offer the essential context needed to fully understand the problem of drought and America’s water crisis. Moreover, it will illustrate that although new ways of surviving and thriving emerge in the face of these dramatic environmental shifts, the future of these communities is bleak and their demise is perhaps inevitable.