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Professor Kate Browne offers “The Culture of Disaster” graduate course for SP 13

Professor Kate Browne, Department of Anthropology, is offering a unique interdisciplinary graduate course in Spring 2013 entitled “The Culture of Disaster”. The course, ANTH 532, will meet on Tuesdays from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

This course will explore the human impacts of disaster, both natural and human-induced, and examine how theoretical approaches related to vulnerability and resilience have shifted over time, and how cultural as well as structural realities shape the responses to disaster and the prospects of recovery.

Disaster course flyer 2013

Damage from Hurricane Katrina, 2005

Kate Browne has been involved in disaster research through a long-term project with a post-Hurricane Katrina family of 300 individuals in bayou communities outside of New Orleans. From this work she produced a documentary film with her colleague entitled Still Waiting: Life After Katina which aired on PBS stations. She is also currently working on a book about her ongoing research in New Orleans.


From Kate Browne:

“The study of disaster is vitally important, and continuing evidence of this seems to crop up somewhere in the world every week. This fall, we experienced the disaster of flooding very close to home.  The truth is, both the frequency and intensity of disasters is increasing, and as social scientists, we have a responsibility to understand both the damage they do to human communities and how people are able to recover.

The course is very exciting to me because it presents to you the best scholarship we have of what happens when people lose everything. Disaster casts a long shadow and gives us the opportunity to think big—that’s why ideas about human nature, loss, change, inequality, adaptation, environment, community and attachment are all central to this course.”

For questions about the course, please contact Kate.Browne@colostate.edu