PhD Students Jedd and Luizza Named CCC Graduate FellowsImage of

PhD Students Jedd and Luizza Named CCC Graduate Fellows

 Theresa Jedd and Matt Luizza were selected as Graduate Fellows by the Center for Collaborative Conservation (CCC) at Colorado State University and the Warner College of Natural Resources. The core of the CCC Fellows Program is to strengthen engagement among students, faculty, conservation practitioners and other stakeholders by promoting collaborative research, education and action on critical issues concerning conservation and livelihoods on landscapes around the globe. Each fellow is asked to take their work to the next level of impact so that their research or practice has greater influence on conservation and livelihoods on the ground. CCC fellows contribute to the Collaborative Conservation Learning Network where principles and practice of collaborative conservation are developed, exchanged, tested and adopted.

Theresa JeddTheresa Jedd is PhD student in the Political Science Department working with advisor Michele Betsill. Theresa will meet with conservation practitioners from some of the 100+ groups and agencies involved in trans-boundary, international conservation for the 18 million acre Crown of the Continent ecosystem, one of the world’s most intact forested landscapes covering portions of Montana, British Columbia and Alberta. She will participate in the Crown Roundtable’s annual conference, gleaning insight from government agencies, non-governmental organizations, tribal groups, and private individuals with the ultimate aim of understanding of how collaborative forest conservation can function at the international level and strengthening this large-scale experiment in networked governance. Findings from this qualitative, interview-based fieldwork will be disseminated in a dissertation chapter, and a portion of her fellowship will sponsor the 3rd annual Crown Roundtable conference, creating a valuable linkage with the CCC.



Matt Luizza is a PhD student in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology working with advisor Michele Betsill (Political Science) and co-advisor Paul Evangelista (Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory). He will be working in Ethiopia mapping and modeling ecosystem services important to the Oromo people in the Bale Mountains region, exploring the relationships between species diversity and the sustainable production of these services. The goal is to integrate traditional ecological knowledge and conventional scientific knowledge through collaborative means to foster adaptive governance and create modeling scenarios that facilitate sustainable management and effective conservation practices.

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