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Online Course Offerings Expanding in JTC Department

The Department of Journalism and Technical Communication continues to expand online course offerings as a way to increase access to both required and elective courses.

During the past year the department developed online courses in Advertising (JTC 355); Media Ethics (JTC 411); Video Editing (JTC 340); and Media History (JTC 311).

With the addition of these topics, the department now offers 11 separate courses through Online Plus, the university unit that administers online courses. Each of the online courses count toward the same requirements as on-campus courses, but can be completed anywhere a student has access to a computer and online connections.

Additional details and registration information is available through the Journalism and Technical Communication link on the Online Plus website:

Nine of the 11 courses available are offered in fall, 2012, and openings still are available. Courses also will be available in spring and summer semesters.

The courses offered in the fall of 2012 are:

JTC 300: Professional and Technical Communication
JTC 301: Business Communication
JTC 326: Online Writing and Journalism
JTC 340: Video Editing
JTC 350: Public Relations
JTC 355: Advertising
JTC 372: Web Design and Management
JTC 411: Media Ethics and Issues
JTC 413: New Communication Technologies and Society

The Department also will offer most of these courses in the spring, along with JTC 311, History of Media, and JTC 361, Writing for Specialized Magazines.