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News from the Department of Communication Studies

Publication/Creative Activity Highlights

Carl Burgchardt and co-author Brian Ott published “On Critical-Rhetorical Pedagogy: Dialoging with Schindler’s List” in Western Journal of Communication, 77 (1), 2013.

David Scott Diffrient published “‘Hard to Handle’: Camp Criticism, Trash Film Reception, and the Transgressive Pleasures of Myra Breckinridge” in Cinema Journal , 52 (2), 2013.

Katherine Knobloch and co-authors John Gastil, Justin Reedy, & Katherine Cramer Walsh published “Did They Deliberate? Applying an Evaluative Model of Democratic Deliberation to the Oregon Citizens’ Initiative Review” in the Journal of Applied Communication Research.

Outreach Highlights

Dr. Eric Aoki moderated a community forum regarding the findings presented in “Losing Ground,” an I-News and Rocky Mountain PBS special project. “Losing Ground” presents a disturbing yet compelling portrait of Colorado as a state where black and Latino residents are falling further and further behind their white counterparts, and the forum focused on where Colorado is headed in the future, as well as understanding both its past and the present.

Student News

Undergraduate majors Kacey Bull and Caitlin Berube-Smith presented papers at the Western States Communication Association’s Undergraduate Scholars Research Conference, February 2013 in Reno, Nevada.


The following graduate students presented papers at the Western States Communication Association’s annual convention in Reno in February 2013:

Versha J. Anderson, “Gendered Intersections with Environment and Immigration: Sustainable Peace: Wangari Maathai’s Peace Prize.”

Tyler Brunette, “The Dark Knight of the Mind: Representations of Mental Illness in Batman Begins” and “When the Critics Finish their Chores, May They Come Outside to Play?“

Lydia Mae Johnson, “The Contradictory Text of Bloody Sunday: The Possibility of Incompatibility with Form and Content”

Sarah Peterson, “Gulled By Song: The Rhetoric of Tip and Ty in the Log Cabin Campaign of 1840”

Shelby L. Scott, “Curves Ahead: A Rhetorical Analysis of Images of Full-Figured Models in Glamour Magazine”

Vicky Weber, “Narratives of North Korea: Themes in North Korean Defector Narratives”

Andrea Dajer Zapata, “More than the Blogosphere: Digital Communication Channels and the Globalizing Effects of FC Barcelona’s ‘Blaugosphere’”


Samantha “Sam” Borrego, senior Communication Studies major  was selected as a 2012-2013 Jackson Distinguished First Generation Award Scholar and was honored at the February 26, 2013 First Generation Award (FGA) celebration.


Geoffrey Luurs presented three papers at the Western Social Science Association’s (WSSA) convention in Denver in April: “Militant State Rhetoric: The Chinese Communist Party,” “Understanding Predominant Rhetoric and Its Effect on Exceptionalism,” and Exclusionary Play in the Elitist Gamer Culture in Final Fantasy XI.”