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Music: BassoonaRAMa 2010 a big success

On Friday, November 19, 2010 over 50 bassoon players and enthusiasts came together from across the state for the biennial Bassoon-a-RAMa at Colorado State University.

The guest for 2010 was Kathleen McLean, associate professor of bassoon at Indiana University and former associate principal bassoon with the Toronto Symphony. The day included a lecture and masterclass by Ms. McLean, Bassoon Band, and closing recital, conducted by Wes Kenney.

In addition to Ms. McLean, the CSU woodwind area hosted 5 regional bassoonists. With over 50 participants including clinicians, CSU students, and 26 non-CSU students it was the largest crowd for Bassoon-a-RAMa to date.

“Kathleen McLean was very personable and helpful in the master class, and our students were thrilled,” said Gary Moody, associate professor of oboe and bassoon. “I heard comments like ‘can we keep her?’ and ‘how about having her back every year.’”

Registered participants ranged in age from 12 to 60, and for many was the largest gathering of bassoonist in their experience, and their first opportunity to hear so many different bassoon players at once.

Todd Queen, Chair, Department of Music, Theatre, and Dance congratulated Dr. Moody on the continued success of Bassoon-a-RAMa.  “This kind of ingenuity is a great model for our entire faculty, and the rewards are clearly paying dividends,” said Dr. Queen.

Bassoon-a-RAMa at CSU alternates every fall with Oboe-RAMa, which follows the same model for oboe players. The events are sponsored in-part by the Lila B. Morgan Memorial Fund.