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Marching in Brilliance: The CSU Marching Band Campaigns for New Uniforms

By Kyle Thornburg

Marching with morale has long been the ritual for the members of the Colorado State University Marching Band. It is this caliber of morale that has far outshined the ensemble’s timeworn uniforms.

“As our uniforms have started to show the wear and tear that naturally occurs over the course of several years, we all sense that we aren’t able to represent the standard that reflects the best of CSU,” said Dr. Richard Frey, Associate Director of Bands at CSU.

New uniforms are needed to promote and sustain the reputation of the CSU Marching Band. Thanks to a generous gift from a CSU community member, the band has raised 80 percent of the funds needed to acquire new uniforms. In order to raise the remaining 20 percent needed for new uniforms, the College of Liberal Arts Development Office will launch a campaign extended to Marching Band alumni and the CSU community in late March.

A machine well oiled by the talent and will of students from all eight colleges at CSU, the band demands not only an outstanding music performance, but also a first-rate visual presentation for audiences. However unnoticeable to the eyes of their patrons, the green and gold garb of the CSU Marching Band bear a tattered resemblance to the iconic look and height of a signature marching band.

The average lifespan of a band uniform is estimated to be seven years. Yet, for over 10 years the current CSU Marching Band uniforms have appeared during performances within the community as well as stages well beyond the foreground of the foothills.

“The uniform is a symbol of the band, and the chance to wear new uniforms on the field will contribute to the pride band members feel for themselves and the ensemble,” said Dr. Frey.

The Marching Band is known as an award-winning ensemble capable of energizing crowds at both University events and annual high-profile events, such as the 9NEWS Parade of Lights in Denver, and the Western National Stock Show. To end the 2014 calendar year, the Band traveled to Las Vegas to support the Rams at the Royal Purple Las Vegas Bowl.

According to Ann Gill, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, the band recognizes the tradition of Colorado A&M and the mission of Colorado State University to make them work in concert with one another.

“I would call the Colorado State Marching Band more traditional than state-of-the-art,” Dean Gill said. “They eschew trendy half-time performances for those that appeal to and honor generations of Rams and Aggies.”

Support given to the Marching Band for collateral such as uniforms and instruments is not unlike the support provided by scholarships. The priority of new uniforms for the band will achieve professionalism, breathability, and movement. All of which lend to the excellence crafted within the Marching Band.

The initial gift given by an anonymous supporter of the College means a continuation of development and student experience that the Marching Band members are allotted in their dedication to the band.

“People who give to the Marching Band uniform campaign become part of the tradition and part of the success of this wonderful marching band,” Dean Gill said.

With a synchronized gait of 240 band members, the Marching Band paints a path of green and gold spirit that persists even after the drum major has called their anthems to a close. A path to become only more vibrant as the campaign for new uniforms marches onward.

For more information about the campaign for new Marching Band uniforms, please contact Assistant Director of Development Tonya Malik-Carson at or (970) 491-3558.