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LEAP Graduate Student, Nicole Niederman, Takes Top Honors

Inspired by interests in social awareness, advocacy, community engagement, and spirituality, a painting by LEAP Graduate Student Nicole Niederman, won 1st place in the Excellence in Diversity and Social Justice category at CSUs Graduate Student Showcase. According to Niederman, the painting, entitled Number 5, takes a Middle Eastern perspective on the Iraqui War.

Nicole is a first year graduate student in the Master’s in Arts Leadership and Administration. She entered the program after completing an MFA in fine art.

Overall, the LEAP Department was represented at the Graduate Student Showcase by Connor Kealey, Alina Osika, Natalie Dollison, Alexis Harrison, Garrett Mynatt, and Nicole Niederman!

Mynatt presented “An Investigation of the Purpose and Relevance of One-Off Events,” which examines how to better serve festival participants and proves that one-off events can better fulfill their needs due to increased focus on a singular event.