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JTC Graduates Discover Emerging Jobs in Media

Do you have doubts about the value of a degree that prepares students to research, write, think critically and create media?

Think again.

Some experts believe that there never has been a better time to enter the broad field of journalism and professional communication.  While some media are reducing staff size in traditional career tracks, the field in general is booming with new types of jobs in both traditional and new media.  With quick access to the Department’s alumni base via social media, we reviewed the many possibilities.  The list below represents a sampling of the many types of jobs currently held by alumni of the Department of Journalism and Technical Communication.

-Advertising copywriter, designer or producer

-Agriculture writer, reporter or editor

-Attorney specializing in communication law

-Blogger, columnist or editorial cartoonist

-College professor

-Communications manager or director

-Company spokesperson

-Corporate media specialist

-E-mail and direct mail strategist

-Environmental media specialist

-Freelance writer, editor, photographer

-Health writer, editor or producer

-Marketing coordinator

-Media relations director or strategist

-Multimedia producer

-Non-profit communications director

-Novelist or non-fiction author

-Reporter or Photojournalist for the web, magazines, newspapers or television

-Owner of public relations agency or production company

-Professional speaker

-Public affairs officer for government agency

-Public relations agency account executive

-Publication designer for magazines or newspapers

-Radio disc jockey, reporter or music director

-Reality television producer, writer, photographer or on-camera talent

-Science writer or editor

-Social media specialist

-Sports writer, photographer or producer

-Technical writer or editor

-Teacher for any level of K-12 education

-Television news anchor or program host

-Television or radio news program producer or director

-Television documentary producer

-Travel writer, photographer or program host

-Video editor for news, corporate or entertainment television

-Website designer and manager