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JTC Alumnus is World Champion of Public Speaking

In 2005, Ryan Avery graduated from Humble High School in Humble, Texas. Seven years later, he is well past his “Humble” beginnings after becoming the youngest-ever World Champion of Public Speaking.

He was known to his friends simply as “Avery” when he was a student at CSU. As a Journalism and Anthropology double major, as well as a staff member at the Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation, Avery was well known for his work ethic, enthusiasm and positive attitude.

2009 CSU alumnus Ryan Avery spent years preparing for the Toastmasters International world championship.  Photo courtesy Ryan Avery

After graduating in 2009, Avery turned those qualities into a job as director of marketing and communications for Special Olympics of Oregon.  He then decided that he had something to say, and that he should say it well.  Although he had only one public speaking course under his belt from CSU, he was determined to develop his voice.

“It took lots of practice to get to this point!” says Avery. “In my bedroom I have a sign that says, ‘What would Michael Phelps do?’ If he could get up early to practice every day, so could I. I also have lots of mentors, and my wife was incredibly supportive. The process has helped me grow as a person and realize that Toastmasters is an amazingly supportive organization.”

According to the Portland Oregonian, Avery’s journey to the national championship involved hundreds of speeches, and more than 30,000 competitors from 116 countries.  The actual Toastmasters International tournament began six months ago, with many rounds of competition leading to the August, 2012 finals in Orlando, Florida.

To see a segment of Avery’s winning speech, visit this link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-okEbqk2Srs&feature=youtu.be

To read a story about the victory by the Portland Oregonian, visit this link:  http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/index.ssf/2012/08/portland_man_named_world_champ.html