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Fall Dance Concert Choreographed by Alumnus Grady Soapes ’09

The Fall/Spring Dance Concert is a production highlighting the emerging Dance program at Colorado State University; and for the first time the upcoming Fall Dance Concert will feature dance students and alumni on one stage.

Alumnus Grady Soapes ’09, is coming back to the University Center for the Arts to choreograph the Fall Dance Concert in partnership with three other alumni.
“It’s never really been done before,” said Soapes. “I will be setting a piece with the students and I’ll be bringing in three dance alumni to integrate into the piece.”

As a student at CSU, Soapes was involved in all aspects of the Dance program, from acting as rehearsal assistant for guest artists to choreographing performances for the American College Dance Festival. Now program assistant and dancer at 3RD Law Dance/Theater in Boulder, Colo., Soapes acknowledges that his experiences in the Dance program at CSU lead him to a career in dance.

“What is nice about the CSU Dance experience is that you’re given the opportunity to take your own path. A lot of other universities don’t allow students to choreograph, so I just took advantage of a program that allows you to do it all,” says Soapes. “It all kind of stuck with me. The department was so great at presenting opportunities to students. The connections that I made here are still following through in my career.”

It is these connections and opportunities that Soapes hopes to bring to dance students this semester.

“I know when I was graduating from college I didn’t know where to go or where to audition. My hope with this is to really instill confidence in the students and offer guidance and help,” says Soapes. “I think that’s the whole point of being an alumnus and staying connected to the University; to help students succeed and to be a mentor.”