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Dance Alumni Celebration: Uniting Dancing Rams of All Ages

When people think of the word “reunion,” all sorts of things come to mind. Perhaps it’s a family reunion, with the awkwardness of seeing a long lost cousin or the thought of politely laughing at Uncle Ed’s bad jokes. Others might think of a high school class reunion, with butterflies over running into a school sweetheart, or the pressure of impressing old friends. However, when a college reunion is mentioned, most people cannot help but smile as they remember the fun times and incredible memories they made with friends who became a second family.

On April 27-30, the Colorado State University School of Music, Theatre, and Dance will host its first ever Alumni Dance Celebration, a reunion of dance alumni from as far back as the mid-1970s. This four-day event features dance alumni teaching master classes, concerts performed by former CSU dance majors, social gatherings for re-connecting, and presentations on dance degree career options by successful teachers, performers, choreographers, and entrepreneurs. The complete schedule of events outlines three days packed with activities and rehearsals, with concerts on the third and fourth days. The fourth and final day of the event is intentionally left open for Alumni to socialize, see the changes on the CSU campus, and re-visit the joys of Fort Collins.

Rams from all around the nation, from New York to Los Angeles, will be in attendance for this event. Director of Dance Jane Slusarski-Harris wrote an open letter to dance alumni, expressing her genuine excitement and anticipation for the celebration. “Many of you have already responded…I am delighted and thrilled to hear from so many!” Jane wrote. The letter can be viewed in full here.

Some concert performers and master class alumni teachers include Amy Havens (1991), (Chas Kilker-Greener (1995), Gustavo Vargas (1997), Jessica Riggs (2007), Denna Thomsen (2007), Andrea Palesh (2008), Grady Soapes (2009), and Alyssa Howell (2014). A more complete list of performers and teachers, and their biographies, can be found here.

This celebration is designed to bring together current and future alumni, as well as community members. Throughout the years, many community members have supported CSU Dance in countless ways. From financial gifts to scholarship and endowment funds to purchasing tickets for performances, it is very clear how much Fort Collins values the Dance Program at CSU. As a result, Director Slusarski-Harris has opened all master classes and presentations to the public.

Tickets for the concerts will be the $18/adult, $8/youth, and NO CHARGE for full-fee paying CSU students and are available at

After the Friday night performance, the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance will host a Gala reception open to anyone who has attended the concert. This will be an excellent time to reflect on an incredible week, meet new faces, and enjoy some food. If you are anticipating attending the reception, it is asked that you RSVP here, so that an accurate amount of food can be ordered.

So whether you are a Ram returning home, an enthusiastic member of the dance and arts community, or a current student enrolled in the dance program, this special event will undoubtedly be one to remember for a long time! If you have any questions, please contact Director of Dance Jane Slusarski-Harris at J.Slusarski-Harris@ColoState.EDU.

A very special thanks to the Dean Ann Gill and the College of Liberal Arts for the support of CSU’s Dance Alumni Celebration!