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CSU wows crowd with opera performances

From the Coloradoan Newspaper, 9:51 PM, Nov. 2, 2011

We arrived in Fort Collins just three years ago and were instantly transformed into yet more of those tiresome boosters who never shut up about the assets of their wonderful town. But we can’t understand why we don’t hear a lot more about the CSU Opera Department. As perfect bumpkins who had never attended a live performance with the word “opera” anywhere on the program, we were lucky to catch their performance of Kurt Weill’s “Street Scenes” not long after we arrived and were mightily impressed with the level of talent and professionalism on display.

But now we have had the extreme good fortune to be among the sold-out house for the opening of Sondheim’s “Sweeney Todd” in Griffin Hall last Friday night. Going in, we were thinking that maybe they had bitten off a bit much, tackling this musical. Well, we were thinking very wrong. I don’t know when we have seen such a truly thrilling, moving (and timely) performance. There was never an off note from the cast of about 30, or the orchestra of equal size. There were too many standout performances to be naming names here. But, oh, Emily Thomas as Mrs. Lovett! David Dimmen! Cami Dubler! Apologies to all the rest whom we should mention.

Words fail us. What can we say to you, CSU Opera Department? You’re going to need a bigger venue.

Kathleen Matthews,

Richard Bynum,

Fort Collins

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