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CSU Wicked Connection

Andy Kelso, performing as Fiyero in Wicked, showing at the Denver Performing Arts Center through May 20,  went to Colorado State University to become a sound engineer, but left with a much different career path.

What years did you attend CSU?
I went to CSU for my Freshman year of college: Fall of ’98-Spring ’99

Did you start as a theatre major at CSU?
No.  I actually started out just doing gen-ed with the eventual goal of becoming a sound engineer.  Little did I know that CSU didn’t really have a major for that!  But it was during that year that I realized that I wanted to go to school for acting.  I have a lot of great memories from that year! 

What skills that you learned at CSU have carried on in your career today?
My time at CSU was extremely helpful because I was around so many different types of people.  I didn’t have a declared major and was living in the dorms so I was around a lot of people who had different interests than me.  As an actor, I think it’s important to have that kind of variety in your life…to be around people who challenge your points of view and make you think about things differently.