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CSU Media Festival Awards Summary

A Pulitzer Prize-winner turned novelist; Peabody Award winners who investigated Colorado wildfires; a Van Gogh Documentary Film winner who later became mired in swamp culture; an advertising executive on an international mission to save lives; and a university president who turns email into public relations art: these are the winners of the CSU Media Festival’s Double Whammy Cammy awards for 2013.

The Double Whammy Cammy (DWC) is the top award recognizing the impact of media produced by Colorado State University alumni, staff, and students. It’s the latest iteration of the Cammy Award, introduced in 2008 during CSU’s first media festival. The festival is now a biennial event, and most entries are from alumni.

“Before each festival we introduce a flamboyant new Cammy to honor the best of the best,” said festival co-director Joe Champ, an associate professor in the Department of Journalism and Technical Communication.

“This was our fourth competition, and Double Whammy Cammy is the fourth generation of Cammy. We know that our winners like to have fun while celebrating their accomplishments and CSU connections,” Champ emphasized, “but we do not take these awards lightly. In fact, the work we see is more often than not over the top in quality and impact. Alumni, especially, are very proud of their CSU connections, and they only submit media that represents their very best work.”

Entries almost doubled in the festival’s fourth year, with well over 200 submissions. The festival committee accepts any form of media, including television commercials, documentaries, public relations and advertising campaigns, novels, and websites, to name a few. Entrants must play a major role in creating the entry.

“While reviewing the entries this year, the committee also considered a suggestion to recognize the communication of CSU President Tony Frank and his staff with an honorary Cammy,” said festival co-director Greg Luft, chair of the Department of Journalism and Technical Communication.

“President Frank is well known for down-to-earth email communication with campus and his often-spoken homage to President Abraham Lincoln for creating land-grant universities,” Luft explained.

“But the committee ultimately decided that an honorary Double Whammy Cammy was in order because President Frank and his staff support the value of media in general, and Student Media at CSU in particular. Dr. Frank is a rare university president who is known to openly encourage students to consume their student-produced campus media. We believe that this media-savvy approach to communication makes President Frank more effective as a leader,” said Luft.

Additional winners of the Double Whammy Cammy include Pulitzer Prize winner David Freed ’76, a former Los Angeles Times investigative reporter who later became a Hollywood scriptwriter and most recently began writing novels that have earned international acclaim. “Freed slowed our evaluation process considerably by submitting novels that our judges couldn’t put down. Seriously.” said Luft.

For winners Amanda Kost ’07 and Jon Stone ’02, of KMGH-TV in Denver, the award was just another of many 2013 honors for work investigating the causes of Colorado wildfires. Kost and Stone this year also earned a Peabody, an Emmy, and a national Headliner Award for their work.

Joe Conrad ’87, founder and CEO of Cactus Marketing and Communications in Denver, earned his DWC for Man Therapy, an international, multi-media anti-suicide campaign featuring the manly Rich Mahogany, who encourages middle-aged men to seek help for depression.

The final DWC went to video editor Mark Taras ’84, whose entries included nationally cablecast reality television programs Swamp Men, Plan Xtreme, and others. Taras earned the Van Gogh award at the 2011 Amsterdam Film Festival, and his services as a video editor are in high demand nationally.

The Keynote Award went to Jeff Eastin ’90, creator of the White Collar and Graceland TV series on USA Network. Eastin returned to campus for the first time in 18 years to deliver the keynote address, which focused on his search for success in Hollywood.

Festival Service Awards went to Alan Vitello, a political cartoonist who has designed art for the CSU festivals, and to Steve Weiss, a festival committee member who produced an hour-long documentary on the CSU Marching Band’s trip to Ireland in March, 2013.

The committee also wanted to recognize former JTC Alumnus of the Year Mike Sweeney, CEO of The Integer Group. Sweeney earned a Cammy Maximus for finishing his first novel, The Labyrinth Campaign, even though he was busy running a major corporate entity.

Additional entries were honored with the Cammy Maximus, Cammy Grande, and original Cammy. Judges reviewed entries based on career status, with categories for students, early professionals through three years of professional experience, mid-level professionals with four to 10 years of experience, and experts with more than 10 years of experience. Judges also considered the entrant’s role in the production.

“This is an outstanding group,” noted Champ. “With a multi-year production window for submissions, individuals develop excellent entries. And we, of course, have the ulterior motive of obtaining models of excellence to use as examples in our classes, so our students win as well!”

The categories are:

Double Whammy Cammy: The best of the best, sustained effort and excellence, often receiving regional, national, and international acclaim.

Cammy Maximus: Demonstrates superb content and sparkling technical quality, considerable depth of effort, and professional recognition on a broad scale, with inspired storytelling quality.

Cammy Grande: Outstanding professional work appropriate to the medium and scope of project. Demonstrates significant effort, distribution, strong technical quality, and content.

Cammy Award: Very strong message and technical quality whether the work was the result of routine daily efforts or more extended scope of project.

Winners by award category and professional level:

Double Whammy Cammy: Expert

Tony Frank, President, and Communication Staff, Colorado State University: Executive Communication and Student Media Support

Joe Conrad ’87, Founder and CEO, Cactus Marketing Communications. Man Therapy, International Multimedia Anti-Suicide Campaign

David Freed ’76, Author, Flat Spin and Fangs Out, Novel Series

Jonathan Jerry Stone ’02, Executive Producer, KMGH-TV: Investigating the Fire, Television News Investigation

Mark Taras ’84, EditMark LLC: Swamp Men, Plan Xtreme, Tripping out With Alie and Georgia, Reality Television Editing

Double Whammy Cammy: Mid-Level Professional

Amanda Kost ’07, Reporter, KMGH-TV: Investigating the Fire, Television News Investigation

Cammy Maximus: Expert

Natalie Bosler ’02, Account Supervisor, The Integer Group: ACUVUE Target Optical Back to School Campaign, Advertising and Promotion

Brian Clark ’96, Colorado Health Institute: Colorado: A Picture of Health, Magazine Writing, Design and Publishing

Coleman Cornelius ’88, Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine: Food for Thought, Magazine Series

Joel Lee ’96 and Spencer McKnight ‘05, Aspen Video Productions: The Preserve at Botany Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands, Promotional Video

Courtney Alford-Pomeroy ‘99, EHealth Director, Athens Regional Health System, Miracle Elixir Campaign, and New Athens Regional Health System Website Design, Corporate Promotion and Web Communication

Steve Roberts ’96, Crescent Sun Pictures; Jeff Warren ’98, Linguine Pictures; Bo Vangsakoun ’99, AXS TV: Mad Hatters, Original Reality Television Series

Mike Sweeney ’83, CEO, The Integer Group: The Labyrinth Campaign, First Novel

Allison Sherry ’00, Washington Bureau Chief, The Denver Post: CU In-House Lobbyists Double Dipping, News Investigation

Matt Renoux ’96, Mountain Bureau, KUSA-TV: Shipping Container, Haiti Arrival, and Speed Skating, Television News Features

Mike Watson ’00, Owner, Video Approach: World’s Largest Solar Panel Installation, Corporate News Video

Cammy Maximus: Mid-Level Professional

Amanda Rose Adams M.S. ’07: HP Enterprise Services and independent author: Heart Warriors, a Family Faces Congenital Heart Disease, Autobiography

David Althouse ’04, Chief Photojournalist KDVR-TV: Colorado: The Beer State, Documentary Ashley Colburn ’09, Ashley Colburn Productions: Wonders of Croatia, Istria, Travel Documentary

Josh Middleton ’09, Freelance Director of Photography, The New Hot Club of America, and Wonders of the World: Angkor Wat, Travel Documentaries

Cammy Maximus: Student

Timothy Orme, Independent Producer: Afterlight, Experimental Animation

Cammy Grande: Expert

Kris Browning-Blas ’85, Food Editor, The Denver Post: Lynyrd Skynrd Greeley Stampede Performance, Entertainment Review

John Chiala ’93, Video Producer, CNBC-TV: Bon Jovi, Video Editing
Kirsten Hanson Chiala ’94, Social Media Communications Manager, Cisco Systems: Meet the Hacker

Scouts, Social Media
Jay Dedrick ’88, Internal Communications Manager, University of Colorado. CU Connections, News Website

Aimee Heckel ’01, Newspaper Columnist, Boulder Daily Camera: Modern Lois Lane, Columns

Major King ’81, Photojournalist, KMGH-TV: Secret Trees, Television News Feature

Jim Fairchild ’96, Owner, Pacific Perks Catering: Pacific Perks Website

Jesse Kurtz ’00, Executive Producer, The Mountain West Conference Athletic Site: Will to Walk, Television Sports Feature

Josh Hardin ’02, Colorado Life Magazine, The Devil’s Backbone, Photo Editing and Publication Design Carmen Ruyle Hardy ’99, Independent Design Professional: Parade of Homes Magazine, Print Graphic Design

Joe LaFleur ’01, Wildlife Media Producer, Better Birdwatching in the Southwest DVD Field Guide, and A Bird for All Seasons, DVD. Interactive DVD Video

Lori Larson ’91, Teacher, North Platte Public Schools: Life Lessons, Personal blog

Joel Lee ’96 and Spencer McKnight ‘05, Partners, Aspen Video Productions: The Little Nell, Public Relations Branding

Joel Lee ’96 and Spencer McKnight ‘05, Partners, Aspen Video Productions: AVP Sizzle Reel, Company Promotion Video

Matt Ruggles ’95, Video Production Manager, Adams 12 Five Star Schools: Learning Services Online Newsletter, Social Media

Lane Lyon ’94, Producer, Reporter, Anchor and Real Estate Agent: Togi Cameron: A Model Guru, Reality Television

Jonathan Jerry Stone ’02, Executive Producer, KMGH-TV: Aurora Strong, Television Feature

Jill Wendholt Silva ’85, Food Editor and Restaurant Critic, The Kansas City Star: Edge City, The Age of the Artisan, Growing Change, Newspaper Food Coverage

Skip Stewart ’03, Commercial and Promotions Producer, KDVR-TV: Circle K Commercials, Television Advertisement

Rae Todd ’01, HEY Rae! Communications: Albuquerque Balloon Festival, and Glenwood Springs and Caves, Photo Features

Pauletta Longo Tonilas ’85, FasTracks Public Information Manager at RTD: RTD FasTracks: An Inside Look, Documentary

Mike Watson ’00, Owner, Video Approach: Girl Ventures, Fundraising Video

Cammy Grande: Mid-Level Professional

Eileen Agosta ’04, Align Broadcasting and Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films: Breach, Short Film

Ama Arthur-Asmah ’07, Photojournalist, KDVR-TV: Home From War, Television News Feature

Ryan Avery ’09, 2012 World Champion of Public Speaking: How To Be A Speaker, Website

Rebecca Waddingham Boyle ’03, Freelance Science Writer: The Flying Man, and Terrascope, Science Writing

Matt Gohl ’07, Video Producer, Poudre School District: PSD Mentoring Program, Television Documentary

Libby Hendren ’03, Producer,WTSP-10 News, Tampa: Angelina’s Choice, Television News Feature

Marika Krause ’04, Assistant Media Director, Santa Clara University: The Physics of Exploring Science for Public Relations, Public Relations

Dan Lehan ’07, Line Producer, High Noon Entertainment: Hurricane Hunters: Super Storm Sandy Strikes, Television Reality Program

Philip Loeb ’07, Freelance Producer/Editor: Nerdist Channel Feature and Commercials, Online Video

Monique Lewis ’04, Assistant Editor at Mergermarket: Local TV Bids Due Friday, Sources Say, Online Financial News

Todd Metcalf ’07, Freelance Producer, NFL.Com: Behind the Name: Robert Mondavi and Alec Bradley, Television Documentary

Jonathan Petramala ’04, Reporter, KRDO-TV: Jonathan Petramala Standup Compilation, Television On- Air Reporting

Cale Rogers ’08, City of Boulder Channel 8: Watch Inside Boulder News, USA Pro Cycle, Broadway, Euclid in Motion, Cable Television Programming

Bryan Weakland ’03, Segment Producer at MSNBC: Women in Politics, Television News Feature

Cammy Grande: Early Professional

Dustyn Blindert ’10, Co-Producer and Co-Host, Tag Team Productions: Backflip Bird, Outdoor Television

Ben Huelsing ’09, On-air Designer, Root Sports: Root Sports Penguins Season Promo, Television Promotion

Sean Korbitz ’13, Freelance Multimedia Producer and Video Editor, V3 Media Marketing: Lehnen: I See Your Shadow, Music Video

Keri Lenderink Donovan ’09, Integrative Fitness Coordinator, Multnomah Athletic Club: Chasing Sarasota, Television Documentary

Madeline Novey ’11, Fort Collins Coloradoan, A Wound That Never Heals, News Feature

Glen Pfeiffer ’11, United States Air Force Cyberspace Operations: Images of Europe, Photography Collection

Lindsay Simpson ’10, Wyoming Game and Fish Division: Yellowstone Grizzly Bears: A Success Story, Documentary

Stephen Veals ’10, Video Producer, Otterbox: Pursuit series: Fly Fishing, Product Demonstratio Video

Carri Wilbanks ’09, Independent Travel and Leisure Reviewer. CatchCarri.com, Website

Emily Luft ’12, Student Entries, College of Business: Behind the Scenes, and My Clouds, Promotional Video and Feature

Cammy Award: Expert

Kris Browning-Blas ’85, Food Editor, The Denver Post: Colorado Food and Table, Blog

Danielle Raker Brown ’94, Raker Marketing Strategies: Ute Tundra Trail, and Lookout Mountain Trail, Photography

Laura Oates Butcher ’96, Circle Plumbing and Heating, Web Design and Social Media

Julie Oberlander Gibbons ’02, Television Reporter, Anchor, KEVN-TV: Little Girls, Big Fight, Television News Feature

Josh Hardin ’02, Colorado Life Magazine: Photography and Photo Editing, Colorado Life Magazine Joel Lee ’96 and Spencer McKnight ‘05, Aspen Video Productions: Donor Alliance Organ and Tissue Donation: Transplant Science, Educational Video

Ryan Lockwood ’97, Public and Media Relations Coordinator, Colorado State Forest Service, Below, Book

Russell Haythorn ’98, Reporter, and Brad Bogott ’86, Photojournalist, KMGH-TV: Hero Doctors, Television News Feature

Russell Haythorn ’98, Reporter, and Coby Howell ’78, Photojournalist, KMGH-TV: Black Forest Fire, Television Hard News

Mike O’Neill ‘93, Executive Producer, KHOU-TV, Houston: Movie Minute with Mike O: Dyan Sprayberry, Movie Minute with Mike O: The Great Gatsby, KHOU-TV Online Media

Mike Ortmeier ’93, Director, KDVR-TV: Fox 31 News at 9:00. Television News Directing

Joel Radtke ’79, City of Broomfield: Website Design

Steve Roberts ’96, Crescent Sun Pictures: M.E.S.A. Commercials, Television Advertisement

Rae Todd ’01, HEY Rae! Communications: Platte River Power Authority, Web Design

Jeff Warren ’98, Linguine Pictures; M.E.S.A. Commercials, Television Advertisement

Ann Grover Warren ’99, Name It, Graphic Design, Print

Mike Watson ’00, Owner, Video Approach: Space Shuttle Move and Irvine Company, Video Profiles

 Cammy Award: Mid-Level Professional

Eileen Agosta ’04, Align Broadcasting and Twelve Monkeys Dancing Films: The Armageddon Kitty, Short Film

Zach Borg ’06, KDLT-TV, Sioux Falls, South Dakota: Zach Borg Compilation, Television Sports Reporting

Clint Oldenburg ’06, Associate Designer, Electronic Arts: Madden NFL 25 Ratings Blog

Matt Gohl ’07, Video Producer, Poudre School District: Rocky Mountain High School Gardens, News Feature

Charity Nichols Ruch ’05, Cattlemen to Cattlemen Live Convention Preview, Specialized Television News Andrew “Sheriff” Taylor ’06, Video Production Manager, Vail Mountain at Vail Resorts: Burton vs. Open, Video Sports Feature

Erik Yeager ’07, Producer at Narrow Road Film Partners: Descent, Short Film

Skip Stewart ’03, Commercial and Promotions Producer, KDVR-TV: Sasquatch Casino, Television Advertisement

Cammy Award: Early Professional

Tina Brown M.S. ’12, Bureau of Land Management: Getting to Know Your BLM, Organizational Branding Reno Boyd ’12, Sports Reporter, 9News.com: Summer Grind, Website Sports Preview

Benjamin Brune ’09, Video Production Coordinator, Baylor University: Production Composite, University Promotions

Erica Davidge ’12, Freelance photographer, web and graphic designer: Notes from the Chairlift, Blog

Lisa Ferguson ’10, Producer and Host: Lisa Ferguson TV, Independent Online Video News

Brandon Iwamoto ’10, Brandon Iwamoto Photography, Mile High Matcha, Photo Feature

Adam Mader ’11, Advance Video Production Manager, CSU College of Business: E3 Recap 2013, Educational Feature

David Martinez ’11, Reporter, the Sterling Journal-Advocate: Feral Cats, and Memorial Gardens, Newspaper Hard News

Matt Stephens ’10, Sports Writer, Fort Collins Coloradoan: Jack Miller’s Battle, Sports Feature Kirsten Swanson ’13, Reporter/Anchor KNBN-TV, Burglaries Have West Boulevard Residents Alert, Television Hard News

Robyn Scherer ’11, Director of Communications, Colorado Farm Bureau: CFB Ad for Colorado

Agricultural Magazine, and The Death of Family Farms, Print Advertisement and Magazine Editorial

Cammy Award: Student Production

Cami McCullough, Current Student: Rawhead and Bones, Music Video

Cami McCullough, Current Student: CSU Dance Profile, Blake Miller, Television Feature

Eli Portell, Current Student: Ramble On: Anonymous Longboards and The Venture Accelerator Program, Online Video Feature

 Keynote Award:

Jeff Eastin ’90, Creator and Executive Producer, White Collar and Graceland, Television Crime Series, USA Network

Cammy Service Awards

Alan Vitello ‘86, Media Festival Promotional Cartoonist
Steve Weiss ‘78, Producer, CSU Marching Band Documentary