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CSU Alumni Media Producers Honored by JTC



More than 130 entries arrived in time to be judged for the most recent CSU Media Festival.  As in the past, these entries displayed an uncommon level of quality.   Faculty members and visiting professionals judged the entries, and remarked that the work in general was excellent – clear evidence that entrants sent their very best.  In many cases, these entries already have earned statewide, regional and national recognition.


Honorable Mention:

Professional work with an effective message


Courtney Alford-Pomeroy:  Public Relations Campaign, Tax Protest

Ryan Cole:  Client-Centered Social Media Campaign, Saint by Sarah Jane Facebook Campaign

Joel Radtke:  Photo Collection, Water Park

Ron Depoty:  Television Sports Feature, Jordan Pacheco New Bats

Ben Brune:  Social Media, Baylor University Features

Erin Browne:  Radio Interview Feature, Jukebox the Ghost

Browne:  Radio Feature, Foster the People

Sally Clark:  Photo Collection, In Living Color,

Bridget Cassidy:  Web Feature, Turning 50 on Facebook

Dave Althouse:  Television Photojournalism, Missing Teen

John Victor:  Television Feature, Race Ride

Rae Todd:  Holiday Card, Platte River Power Authority

Carmen Hardy:  Publication, Boys and Girls Club Annual Report

Ama Arthur-Asmah:  Television Photojournalism, Boy/Girl Bus Crash

Ama Arthur-Asmah:  Television Photojournalism, Moose on the Loose

Gavin Moberg:  Television Sports, Lucky #7

Aspen Video Productions:  TV Commercial, Land Rover Rentals

Adrian Cruz:  Television Sports Feature, Jordan Pacheco Bats



Cammy Original

Very good professional work demonstrating a significant effort and strong message


Zach Borg:  Collection of Television Sports Reports

Nick Maestas (Arnette):  Self Help Book, Me, We and Glee

Aimee Heckel:  Newspaper Feature, Final Chapter

Tim O’Hara:  Single Photo, Neo Natal Nursery

Tim O’Hara:  Photo Collection, Denver Water Board

Sally Clark:  Family Photo Collection, How You Like Them Apples?

Sally Clark:  Photo Collection, Welcome Home Baby

Ben Huelsing:  Television Promotion, Baylor Season Tickets

Charity Ruch:  Television Feature, Wounded Warrior

Brian Clark:  Web Video, CIRES Science in Motion

Sharon Due:  Television Promo, Fort Collins Public Access Channel

Pete Seel:  Photo collection, The Alps

Joe Conrad, Cactus Marketing Communications, Cactus Website

Joe Conrad, Cactus Marketing Communications, Cactus Posters

Joe Mendoza, Joe Vasos:  Promotional Video, CSU Year in Review

Dave Althouse:  Television Photojournalism, Homeless Teen Graduates

Rae Todd:   Publication, C&E Annual Report

Kris Browning-Blas:   Newspaper Feature, Meet the Peeps

Willy Roberts:  Comedy Web Film, My Reality Megabytes

Michelle Ancell:  Website Journalism, Southeast Aurora News Zip Code News

Carmen Hardy:  Publication, AIA Colorado North Design Awards

Joel Radtke:  Photo Feature, Fireworks Photos

Ron DePoty:  Sports Feature, CSU Long Snapper

Timothy Orme:  Short Film, The Death of Johnny Forceps

Lane Lyon:  Reality Television, My First Sale

Erin Browne:  Blog, Music Immortalized

Ryan Cole:  Social Media and Marketing, Syndeo Online Marketing Campaign

Ryan Cole:  Social Media Marketing Campaign, In the Bag Cleaners

Mark Taras:  Television Sports Program Open, World High Stakes Golf Championships

Mike Santos:  Radio Production, Song of the Day Launch

Collin Czarnecki:  Online Magazine, The Lead

Charity Ruch:  Specialized Television Newscast, Cattlemen to Cattlemen

Joel Radtke: Single Photo, Dove Flies

Ryan Avery:  Publication, The Champion Newsletter

Christy Hovland:  Public Relations Promotion, Creating Expertise

George Panagos:  Television Weather Feature, Date with Dean

Ama Arthur-Asmah:  Television News, VCU Fan Reaction

Skip Stewart:  Television Commercial, Car Wash

Aspen Video Productions, Spencer McKnight and Joel Lee:  Video, Fire in Asylum

Aspen Video Productions, Spencer McKnight and Joel Lee:  The Meeting

Aspen Video Productions, Spencer McKnight and Joel Lee:  Ride of Your Life

Gavin Moberg, Television Sports Feature, Cheerleading By Example

Christina Dickinson:  Web Reporting, Mother of Valet Killed

Sarah Beatty Martin: Fundraising Video, Scottish Rite

Cara Mitchell: Newspaper Publishing, Hometown Clipper

Lindsay Simpson:  Wildlife Education Video, Uinta Mule Deer Study

Bridget Cassidy: Web Column, Raging Against the Dying of the Light

Adrian Cruz:  Television Sports Feature, Season Pass

Grant Meech:  Television Sports Feature, Andy Dirks


Cammy Grande’

Outstanding professional work demonstrating significant effort, great technical quality and strong content


Steve Weiss:  Children’s Video, My First Visit to the Rodeo

Clay Lambert:  Half Moon Bay Editorials

Aimee Heckel:  Boulder Beat Columns, Boulder Daily Camera

Joel Radtke:  Photo Collection, 9/11 Memorial Services

Josh Hardin:  Photo Book, Classic Colorado

Deric Swanson:  Sports Program, Buffalo Stampede Coaches Show

Courtney Alford-Pomeroy:  Public Relations Campaign, Pink Project

Mike Santos: Radio Feature, Alice’s 36 Hours for Kids

Jonathan Jerry Stone:  Television Newscast, KMGH-TV 10 pm News

Sally Clark:  Photo Collection, Black and White World

Brian Clark:  Publication, Spheres Environmental Science Magazine

Michael Madrid:  Sports Photo Collection

Chris Casey:  Newspaper Reporting, Energy Weld County

Kris Browning Blas:  Food Feature, The Secret Behind Ubaldo

Bryan Simpson:  Short Film, Black Sunday Social

Andrew “Sheriff” Taylor:  Sports Action Promo, Season to Season

Ben Brune:  Promotional Video, A Year in the Life, Baylor University

Kim Holland: Television Investigative News Collection

Kevin Graham:  Publications, Xtra Employee News

Aspen Video Productions:  Spencer McKnight & Joel Lee, Sports Promo, Aspen/Snowmass Sizzle Reel

Heather Hope:  Public Relations Campaign, Snowmastadon Project

Gregor Halenda:  Commercial Photography, Collection

Josh Middleton:  Television Series Photography, Takeoff New Zealand

Ashley Colburn:  Television Series Host, Takeoff Peru

Ashton Lynch:  Television Documentary, Kevin Costner and the Modern West

Gary Poole:  Sports Biography, PacMan




Evidence of long-term, distinguished series or over-the-top single entry quality.  Demonstrates outstanding technical quality, depth of effort and recognition on a regional or national scale, with superb storytelling quality.


Melissa Tessitore:  Specialized newscast  200 Cattlemen to Cattlemen Newscasts

Jesse Kurtz:  Television Sports Feature, Legs of Steel, Heart of Gold

Kelly Kennedy:  Nonfiction Book, They Fought for Each Other

Alan Vitello:  Editorial Cartoon Collection

Rob Case:  Television Documentary, Meat America

Willy Roberts:  Web Video Comedy Series, Googy

Joe Conrad:  Cactus Marketing Communications: Lottery Advertising Collection