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CSU journalism updates name of degree, department

By Jeff Dodge, SOURCE

Colorado State University’s journalism department has a new name that better reflects its present-day focus and breadth: Journalism and Media Communication.

Formerly called the Department of Journalism and Technical Communication, over the years the unit has broadened its curriculum, and decided to make the department name more inclusive. This new names reflects a fresh curriculum featuring about a dozen potential professional communication specialties ranging from advertising to public relations to social media.

“There are many more career options now, and we didn’t want our name to imply that we are focused in one or two specific fields,” said department head Greg Luft.

The department name change became effective July 1, after a four-year planning process prompted by a realization that technical communication had become a smaller part of what the department does, Luft said. Extensive discussion by the department’s faculty resulted in the conclusion that a new name was desirable. Subsequent surveys of high school journalism advisors and students, as well as CSU students, resulted in the faculty decision to change the name to “Journalism and Media Communication.”

“We think we evaluated very thoroughly what would work, we took a good sample of opinions around the state,” Luft said, adding that the chosen name seemed most inclusive and likely to attract high school students. “We just think it connects better to key interests and doesn’t indicate a narrow approach.”

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