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Contemporary Artist Music Series Features Local Music and CSU Alumni

Bohemian LogoThe Department of Music, Theatre & Dance at Colorado State University is pleased to continue its partnership with Bohemian Foundation for the Contemporary Artist Music Series at the University Center for the Arts.

“This series is an exciting way to feature local musicians and CSU alumni in an intimate setting,” said Kristin Karabensh, Director of Music Programs at Bohemian Foundation. “In furtherance of Bohemian Foundation’s music mission, we support this series as a means of increasing the amount of live contemporary music performances in Fort Collins and encouraging audience and community support of local musicians.”

The series features local bands Mama Lenny and the Remedy on Feb. 5, eLeMeNO-P on March 26, and Party Boys of the Century on May 7. Shows are at 7:30 p.m. at the University Center for the Arts, located at 1400 Remington St.

Tickets are FREE for CSU students, $1 for youth (under 18) and $12 for the public. Tickets are available at the University Center for the Arts (UCA) Ticket Office in the UCA Griffin Lobby, by phone at (970) 491-2787, or online at www.CSUArtsTickets.com. Advance purchase is recommended to avoid at-the-door fees.

Not only will the series highlight home-grown artists, it will also serve a valuable role in educating students in different music styles.

“The Bohemian Contemporary Artist Series was set up to expose our students to different models of success in the music world, to celebrate CSU alumni who have had success in the contemporary music industry, and to help bridge the gap between classical and contemporary music for audience members,” said Department of Music, Theatre and Dance chair Todd Queen. “The opportunity to hear contemporary music in traditional classical performance venues will be fascinating.”


MLRx rooftop_webAbout Mama Lenny and the Remedy

Through several occasions of happenstance Mama Lenny and the Remedy was formed in October 2011 deep in the heart of Colorado’s Front Range music capital, Fort Collins, CO. Influenced by many types of music including Stax, Motown and Chess Records, Mama Lenny and the Remedy create original rock, soul, rhythm and blues tunes that are sure to please your ears. Their first double disc, “Punches and Hugs” was released in the spring of 2012. Through a solid rhythm section, gritty vocals, finely layered harmonies, soaring guitar riffs, blaring trumpet lines and melodic keys, Mama Lenny and the Remedy is SURE to cure what ails you. Read more.

LMNOP-96 copyAbout eLeMeNO-P

Mike, Chris, and Dan, the boy members of eLeMeNO-P, started off as hot dog vendors on the street corners of Bald Prairie, Texas in the 1980′s. After eating an entire year’s worth of hot dogs in the first week of business, they decided to form a contemporary acappella group and moved to colorful Colorado. Jalyn, the girl member of eLeMeNO-P, was, at the time, the Rocky Mountain Divisional Manager for “Wieners de Toilet,” a new fragrance company catering to the scents and sounds of traditional Austrian dishes. Needless to say, it was a match made in heaven and they’ve been making beautiful music, sounds, and well, smells ever since. Read more.

IMG_2187_edited-1About Party Boys of the Century

Although still relatively new to the scene, Party Boys of the Century is slowly becoming a driving force behind northern Colorado ska/punk. Evolving from humble beginnings as a high school band, the powerhouse nine member group is now one of the premier ska bands in northern Colorado. With so many musicians to draw inspiration from, they offer a diverse range of musical styles. From Irish inspired punk to down-tempo reggae, and from down and dirty funk right back up to straight ahead ska punk, every show has something each audience member can jam to. With eight full time students things are a little slow going now, but there will be a lot more from the Party Boys in the near future. The band is hoping to tour summer 2013 with a debut EP to take on the road. Read more.

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