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Congratulations to Dr. Andy Prelog on the New Position at Sam Houston State University

Dr. Andy Prelog recently began a new tenure track position in the Department of Sociology at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.


While a doctoral student in Sociology at CSU, Andy was a graduate research assistant for the Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis and the Center for the Study of Crime and Justice. His dissertation, Longitudinal and Geographic Analysis of the Relationships Between Natural Disasters and Crime in the United States, merged his interests in crime and disasters.

Using both longitudinal and geographic analytical methods, Andy examined 14 years of secondary data on crime and disaster impacts. This work drew upon three diverse sociological theories to inform the examination of his research results, including—therapeutic community hypothesis, social disorganization theory, and routine activity theory. Andy’s findings revealed general trends, such as higher crime rates accompanying disasters of greater magnitudes, but also highlighted distinctions in terms of how different crime types seem to be influenced by different disaster types.  Dr. Lori Peek, who served as Andy’s dissertation co-chair, noted that his dissertation was one of the most “theoretically novel and methodologically rigorous” pieces of scholarship that she has read in a very long time.


Please join us in congratulating Andy on this wonderful accomplishment!