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Committee Seeks Faculty Feedback and Awareness

The Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty (SCSWF) was established in 2014 as a part of the President’s Commission on Women and Gender Equity. It was created to identify and address gender equity, and other related issues, that impact faculty on campus. The committee conducts research, makes recommendations, provides input of University wide analyses, and identifies and recommends the inclusion of its own initiatives and activities to the university administration to make CSU a better place for women to work. The College of Liberal Arts representatives on the committee want to reach out to Liberal Arts faculty for more and better feedback from faculty on campus. The SCSWF will begin a large study on how women faculty perceive and experience the campus climate and culture. Focus groups will be conducted and they encourage faculty to participate.

“As an educational institution, we should be committed to creating a community of students, faculty and staff that embrace the values of equity and fairness,” said Dr. Irene Vernon, the committee chair. “We value and take seriously input and feedback from faculty,” said Dr. Vernon. “Their range of perspectives, ideas, and experiences enrich our work.”

Some of the committee’s recent concerns include improving the campus climate, addressing salary and promotion gaps, proposing a faculty ombuds position, and making recommendations for improving CSU’s Parental Leave Policy. SCSWF’s recommendations for the Parental Leave Policy would change the policy to offer a full semester’s worth of teaching relief for all parents. This change would prevent mid-semester teaching interruptions that can otherwise harm student learning. It can also result in fewer personal and administrative complications that occur with the mid-term interruption of a class.

SCSWF is also currently conducting research in order to understand how to improve the culture and climate for women at CSU. “Fostering a supportive, safe, and affirming campus climate facilitates full participation of women in every aspect of the University,” said Dr. Vernon, who is also the chair of the Ethnic Studies Department. However, one of the challenges the committee has faced is their ability to reach out to faculty. We understand that to keep faculty engaged in our work, updating them on our activities, and addressing issues important to them is a challenge and needs a multilevel and sustained plan,” said Dr. Vernon.

All of the Liberal Art’s SCSWF representatives are listed below. Please reach out to them if you have ideas or concerns. You can also get updates about the committee’s activities by liking us on our Facebook account or follow us on Twitter.


Alex Bernasek

Professor and Ex Officio member

Department of Economics



Caridad Souza

Assistant Professor and Ex Officio member

Department of Ethnic Studies

Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research



Irene Vernon

Professor and Committee Chair

Department of Ethnic Studies



Jane Kneller

Professor and Ex Officio member

Department of Philosophy



Lisa Langstraat

Associate Professor and College of Liberal Arts Representative

Department of English



Roe Bubar

Associate Professor and College of Health & Human Sciences Representative

Department of Ethnic Studies