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Co Newspaper feature: University Art Museum exhibit, ‘East/West Visually Speaking

Coloradoan Newspaper, 02.24.2011, by Stacy Nick

While economies continue to collide – China imports American products such as McDonalds and Coca-Cola and the U.S. imports Chinese … well, everything else – a new art exhibit examines the cultural trade-offs between the two super powers.

“East/West Visually Speaking,” a traveling exhibition at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, features two- and three-dimensional works by Chinese artists whose work references Western art and history. “It examines how young, contemporary Chinese artists are utilizing Western art history and culture to make statements about the new China,” explained Linny Frickman, director of CSU’s University Art Museum, where the exhibition is showing through April 9.

As audiences enter the museum, one of the first pieces they see is “Acupuncture A78″ by artist Sun Ping. One of three works from Ping’s acupuncture series, the piece features the bust from the sculpture “Laocoön” (a figure from Greek and Roman mythology considered a classical piece of historic art) with dozens of acupuncture needles.

In some of the works the references to Western culture is offered in admiration, others parody the West. “These mergings are happening in a global way in both positive and negative ways,” she said.

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