Post Paradise performs at the University Center for the Arts An Evening of Collaboration, Synergy, and Live MusicImage of

An Evening of Collaboration, Synergy, and Live Music

Post Paradise performs at the University Center for the Arts

Post Paradise performs at the University Center for the Arts

On Sept. 17, an inspiring and collaborative event took place when the University Center for the Arts hosted a premiere screening of the documentary, How A Place Matters: How Place Can Shape Innovation. The film featured Post Paradise, who not only provided the soundtrack for the film, but appeared in it. Following the film, the full house enjoyed a Contemporary Artist Music Series concert – sponsored by Bohemian Foundation – showcasing Post Paradise.

According to the Smithsonian Institution, Fort Collins represents 21st century innovation, so much so that it is included in an ongoing exhibit in Washington, D.C.  A new documentary, produced by Rocky Mountain PBS and Colorado State University, takes an in-depth look at what makes Fort Collins an important Place of Invention.

Innosphere Vice President Doug Johnson

Innosphere Vice President Doug Johnson

“In tackling the documentary project, our premise was that the conditions that create the right synergy for an innovative community are not simple to build, but you know them when you see them in place,” explained CSU’s Vice President for External Relations Tom Milligan. “And we have them all right here in Fort Collins.”

Groundbreaking clean-energy research being done at CSU and in Fort Collins is showcased in the Places of Invention exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation at the National Museum of American History. The exhibit, which also features such cultural and technological game-changers as Hollywood in the 1930s and Silicon Valley in the 1980s, will remain on display until 2020.

The premiere was emceed by Innosphere Vice President Doug Johnson, and special guests included Fort Collins Mayor Wade Troxell, the President of KRMA and Rocky Mountain PBS, Harris Ravine, and the Director of the CSU Alumni Association Kristi Bohlender.

For Johnson, it was incredible to see so many people from all sectors of the community, many who had a part in helping to make the FortZED project a reality, at the event. “It was a true community effort in the UniverCity Connections spirit; this collaborative town/gown relationship is in our DNA, is rare, and is hard to duplicate,” he declared. Johnson puts forth a simple equation to express what’s happening within the community. “Research + private enterprise = public benefit – it’s a simple equation!”

The Contemporary Artist Music Series encourages community support of local musicians, and the evening was also a tribute to that end. Post Paradise’s distinct alternative/indie-rock sound, with a classical flair propelled by Amy Morgan’s electric cello, was beautifully supported by Griffin Concert Hall’s renowned acoustics. The band’s set was a perfect addition to the celebration.

“I thought it was an amazing evening and was honored to be a part of it,” added Johnson.

How A Place Matters will air on Rocky Mountain PBS on Oct. 1 and again on Feb. 18, 2016.