A Webb Amber Webb ~ First Generation Sociology (and CDRA) Alum Dives into Graduate SchoolImage of

Amber Webb ~ First Generation Sociology (and CDRA) Alum Dives into Graduate School

Amber Webb is a former CDRA-National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) research assistant and CSU graduate with a double major in Food Science and Human Nutrition (BS) and Sociology (BA). While at CDRA, she assisted with a NSF-funded hurricane risk perception and evacuation behavior study. Specifically, she, along with the other REU students, graduate RA’s, and faculty, collected and analyzed qualitative telephone interview data and quantitative survey data from residents along the U.S. Gulf and Atlantic Coasts. While at CSU, she also worked with graduate students doing research in Community Nutrition and Public Health. Amber was active in the Fort Collins community as well, volunteering teaching nutrition and cooking classes, working in a community garden, assisting the Larimer County Health District, and even coaching in the Boys and Girls Club.

Now at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, pursuing her MA in Food Studies, Amber is embracing an amazing chance to pursue her interests in both Sociology and Food Science. She has made many connections to her undergraduate classes and is enjoying the remarkable multidisciplinary graduate program, which she says, “tends to use a sociological lens and other disciplines to examine complex issues surrounding food.”

Looking back, Amber sees her undergraduate Sociology courses as “super helpful in graduate school because of being taught how to look at the world using multiple perspectives and understanding the experience of others.” She also notes that she has “learned quickly that the volunteer service projects I’ve worked on as an undergraduate gave me transferable skills which have opened doors for me.”

Amber’s dedication to teaching and learning has led her to consider an opportunity to “teach a food studies class to undergraduates at the Umbra Institute in Italy for a semester,” where she will be able to pass on her passion and knowledge to others. As an outstanding student with a warm personality, we know she will go far in all her endeavors. She is indicative of the “first generation determination” that CSU attempts to instill and foster among those who are first in their family to attain a college degree. It was an honor to work with Amber through CDRA and the Sociology Department, and we wish her all the best!