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Alumni Publications: Lance R. Blyth

Lance R. Blyth, a graduate of CSU’s Department of History (M.A., 1997), won the 2012 Weber-Clements Book Prize for Best Non-Fiction Book on Southwestern America for his study Chiricahua and Janos: Communities of Violence in the Southwestern Borderlands, 1680-1880 (University of Nebraska Press, 2012). Dr. Blyth is the deputy director of the Office of History at U.S. Northern Command and a research associate professor at the Latin American and Iberian Institute at the University of New Mexico.

The following is an excerpt from the Weber-Clements Book Prize judging committee: “Chiricahua and Janos begins with the foundational premise that violence can build as much as disrupt communities.  From this premise, it constructs a riveting narrative about how the communities, economies, and families of Chiricahua Apaches and Spaniards at Janos presidio in northwestern Nueva Vizcaya (Chihuahua) became intricately entwined through two centuries of reciprocal violence and accommodation.  Built upon careful research, interdisciplinary source-mining, and convincing arguments, the writing and telling of this story is entirely engaging as Blyth balances the perspectives, purposes, and lifeways of the twin communities forged in a crucible of war.”