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Music, Theatre and Dance Summer Courses Offer Something for Everyone!

TH150 Introduction to Performance: Come laugh, come play, come be an audience member. Whether shy or not, this class is for you….Intro to Performance…This fun and exciting class uses short form games and improv exercises to help students master the all-important fundamentals of improvisational theater and overall performance components. If you have some improv experience, you will build skills and master the basic by revisiting them with a fresh perspective. If you have never been on a stage before in your life – these exercises will help you build confidence, learn to think quickly on your feet and give you a taste of the magic of improvisation. Either way – you will have a blast while learning incredibly important skills that will benefit you on stage as well as in everyday life.

This course, which is open to non-majors and is the first prerequisite for theatre classes, meets from 7/13-8/9 and is taught by Candice Ingold.

TH141 Introduction to Theatre: Always wanted to learn more about theatre but didn’t know where to start?  Come take Introduction to Theatre and begin that journey.  In this class, students will learn about all of the different hats required to produce a play.  In addition, a tour of theatre throughout history and cultures will be covered (Indonesian puppets, anyone?).  Be prepared for a class that is “outside the box” from your other schooling.  By the end of this course you’ll never view a play the same way again.

This AUCC3B: Arts & Humanities course meets from 6/15-7/12/15 and is taught by Sarah Zwick-Tapley.

D110 Understanding Dance: Explore the world of dance in D110 Understanding Dance, from African dance to classical ballet in Russia, European folk dances to modern dance in America.  In this class you will not only learn about the history of dance, artists and genres as reflections of culture and society, but you will also personally explore movement ideas through the physical and creative experience.  Maybe you took a dance class growing up and want to learn more, or maybe you always wanted to try a dance class, but never did; all are welcome! Your mind and your body will benefit from taking this class.

This AUCC3B: Arts & Humanities course meets from 5/18-6/14 @ 9:30-11:30am, MTWRF, and is taught by Amber Mazurana.

MU111 Music Theory Fundamentals:  Do you want to learn to read music? Understand chords and scales? Rhythms? This class is for you. We will start at the very beginning with musical notation and by the end of this condensed 4-week class, you will be able to read music in different clefs, time and key signatures and understand common harmony and chords and use the piano keyboard to navigate any type of music you wish.

This AUCC3B: Arts & Humanities course meets from 6/15-7/12 and is taught by Murray Oliver.

MU332 History of Jazz There is one soundtrack of music to understand the fabric of the United States and how it developed from slavery to the present day. That music is jazz, one of America’s most enduring and important cultural aspects. MU 332 traces the development of this most American of art forms while also investigating how jazz is put together, what makes certain performers “good,” and how to both build your personal recording library as well as to better listen to live jazz. This is all done through regular listening and analysis in the online classroom as well as many opportunities to listen to live performances.

This online course meets from 6/15-7/12 and is taught by Chris Van Hof.