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Foreign Languages and Literatures Sponsors Free International Film Series

With the annual International Film Series organized by the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department, CSU and the Fort Collins community can view a wide range of movies from all over the globe.  Free and open to the public, the series is a great way for students and Fort Collins community members to see movies that might otherwise be unavailable to them.  The films are in one of the 10 languages taught in the department, with English subtitles. Language students enjoy hearing the language they’re learning spoken in an authentic context, and taste success when they’re able to understand humor and pathos in a foreign film. They also like catching glimpses into the cultures they’re learning about in class. These movies allow students to see the world through a more international lens, enabling them to gain new perspectives on their own culture. Films range from light-hearted and funny to serious examinations of social issues. Members of the CSU and Fort Collins community take pleasure in coming together to experience the wide variety of films and the lively discussions that frequently ensue afterwards. Please join us for these exciting films and participate in CSU’s vibrant cosmopolitan community!

Here are the upcoming films for October and November. All films are at 7 PM in the Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB) on Pitkin Avenue.

10/21: “Biguine” (French)  BSB 131

10/21: “Captain Abu Raed” (Arabic) BSB105

10/23: “Children of a Lesser God.” (American Sign Language) BSBA101

10/28: “The Breakup Man” (German) BSB131

10/30: “Ivan Vasilievich Changes Occupation” (Russian)  BSB131

11/4: “Il Gioiellino” (Italian) BSB131

11/4: “Bliss” (Arabic) BSB105

11/6: “Shadow Magic” (Chinese) BSB131

11/11: “Le fils de l’autre” (French) BSB131

11/13: “Zero, Eternal” (without English subtitles. Japanese) BSB131

11/18: “Night Watch” (Russian) BSB131