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English Department Facebook Page

The CSU English Department is now on Facebook and waiting for your “Likes”!  Just follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/CSU-Department-of-English/490851710933819. We have all the...

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Ellen Brinks

Ellen Brinks’s new book, Anglophone Indian Women Writers, 1870-1920, has been published by Ashgate Press....

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SueEllen Campbell

SueEllen Campbell, co-author, The Face of the Earth: Natural Landscapes, Science, and Culture (California, 2011) http://www.ucpress.edu/book.php?isbn=9780520269279  ...

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Aparna Gollapudi

Aparna Gollapudi, Moral Reform in Comedy and Culture, 1696–1747 (Ashgate, 2011) http://www.ashgate.com/default.aspx?page=637&calcTitle=1&isbn=9781409417965&lang=cy-GB  ...

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Roze Hentschell

Roze Hentschell, co-editor, Essays in Memory of Richard Helgerson: Laureations (Delaware, 2012) http://www2.lib.udel.edu/udpress/essays.htm  ...

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EJ Levy

EJ Levy’s memoir AMAZONS: A LOVE STORY was published this summer to good reviews (Kirkus called it: “…a beautifully written memoir…”)....

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Dan Beachy-Quick Interview

There’s a two part interview with Dan Beachy-Quick about Moby-Dick that aired on Illinois Public Radio. It’s available here: http://www1.ben.edu/springfield/quiddity/radioprogram.html...

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Undergraduate Courses

CO150 College Composition 3 X X X
CO300 Writing Arguments 3 X X X
CO301A Writing in the Disciplines: Arts and Humanities 3 X X X
CO301B Writing in the Disciplines: Sciences 3 X X X
CO301C Writing in the Disciplines: Social Sciences 3 X X X
CO301D Writing in the Disciplines: Education 3 X X X
CO302 Writing Online 3 X X
CO401 Advanced Composition 3 X X
CO402 Advanced Writing Online 3 X X
E140 The Study of Literature 3 X X X
E179 Western American Literature 3 X X X
E210 Beginning Creative Writing 3 X X X
E232 Introduction to Humanities 3 X X
E234/ETST234 Introduction to Native American Literature 3 X
E237 Introduction to Science Fiction 3 X X
E238 Twentieth-Century Fiction 3 X X
E239/ETST239 Introduction to Chicano Literature 3 X X
E240 Introduction to Poetry 3 X X X
E242 Introduction to Shakespeare 3 X X X
E245 World Drama 3 X X
E270 Introduction to American Literature 3 X X X
E276 Survey of British Literature I 3 X
E277 Survey of British Literature II 3 X
E302 Reading and the Web 3 X X
E305 Principles of Writing and Rhetoric 3 X X
E311A Intermediate Creative Writing: Fiction 3 X X
E311B Intermediate Creative Writing: Poetry 3 X X
E320 Introduction to the Study of Language 3 X X X
E322 English Language for Teachers I 3 X
E323 English Language for Teachers II 3 X
E324 Teaching English as a Second Language 3 X
E326 Development of the English Language 3 X
E327 Syntax and Semantics 3 X
E328 Phonology, Morphology, and Lexis 3 X
E329 Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis 3 X
E330 Gender in World Literature 3 X
E332 Modern Women Writers 3 X X
E333 Critical Studies of Popular Texts 3 X X
E334 Gay and Lesbian Literature 3 X
E337 Western Mythology 3 X
E338 Ethnic Literature in the United States 3 X X X
E339 Literature of the Earth 3 X X
E341 Principles of Literary Criticism 3 X X X
E342 Shakespeare I 3 X X X
E343 Shakespeare II 3 X X X
E345 American Drama 3 X
E350 The Gothic in Literature and Film 3 X
E370 American Literature in Cultural Contexts 3 X X X
E384A Supervised College Teaching: Classroom 1-3 X X
E384B Supervised College Teaching: Writing Center 1-3 X X
E401 Teaching Reading 3 X X
E402 Teaching Composition 3 X X
E403 Writing the Environment 3 X X
E405 Adolescents’ Literature 3 X X
E412A Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction 3 X X
E412B Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry 3 X X
E412C Creative Writing Workshop: Nonfiction 3 X X
E420 Beat Generation Writing 3 X
E421 Asian American Literature 3 X X
E422 African-American Literature 3 X
E423 Latino/a Literature 3 X X
E424 English Renaissance 3 X
E425 Restoration and 18th-century 3 X
E426 British Romanticism 3 X
E427 Victorian Age 3 X
E428 Postcolonial Literatures 3 X X
E430 18th-Century English Fiction 3 X
E431 19th-Century English Fiction 3 X
E432 20th-Century British Fiction 3 X
E433 Literatures of the American West 3 X X X
E438 Native American Literature 3 X
E440 American Prose before 1900 3 X X X
E441 American Prose after 1900 3 X X X
E443 English Renaissance Drama 3 X
E444 Restoration and 18th-Century Drama 3 X
E445 Modern British and European Drama 3 X
E452 Masterpieces of European Literature 3 X
E455 European Literature after 1900 3 X
E460 Chaucer 3 X
E465 Topics in Literature and Language 3 X X
E470 Individual Author 3 X X X
E475 American Poetry Before 1900 3 X
E478 Modern Poetry 3 X
E479 Recent Poetry of the U.S. 3 X X X
E487A Internship: Supervised Work Experience 1-3 X X X
E487B Internship: Literary Editing 1-3 X X X
E487C Internship: Community Literacy Center 1-3 X X X
E487D Internship: CSU Writing Center 1-3 X X X
E495 Independent Study 1-3 X X X
ED463 Methods of Teaching English Language Arts 4 X X

Graduate Courses

E501 Theories of Composition 3 X
E502 Language, Literacy and Learning 3 X
E503 Investigating Classroom Literacies 3 X X
E504 Situating Composition Studies: Theories, Practice, and Disciplinary Politics 3 X X
E505A Major Authors: English 3 X X
E505B Major Authors: American 3 X X
E505C Major Authors: World 3 X X
E506A Literature Survey: English 3 X X
E506B Literature Survey: American 3 X X
E506C Literature Survey: Comparative 3 X X
E507 Special Topics in Linguistics 3 X X
E513A Form and Technique in Modern Literature: Fiction 3 X
E513B Form and Technique in Modern Literature: Poetry 3 X
E513C Form and Technique in Modern Literature: Essay 3 X
E514 Phonology and Morphology for ESL/EFL 3 X
E515 Syntax for ESL/EFL 3 X
E520 English Phonetics and Phonology 3 X
E522 Semantics, Pragmatics and Discourse 3 X
E526 Teaching English as Foreign/Second Language 3 X
E527 Theories of Foreign/Second Language Learning 3 X
E600A Research Methods and Theory: Literature 3 X
E600B Research Methods and Theory: Design 3 X
E601 Research in TESOL 2-3 X
E603 Computers and Composition 3 X
E605 Reading/Writing Connections 3 X
E607A Teaching Writing: Composition and Rhetoric 3 X
E607B Teaching Writing: Creative Writing 3 X X
E608 Integrating Writing in the Academic Core 1 X
E615 Reading Literature: Recent Theories 3 X X
E630A Special Topics in Literature: Area Studies 3 X X
E630B Special Topics in Literature: Genre Studies 3 X X
E630C Special Topics in Literature: Theory & Technique 3 X X
E630D Special Topics in Literature: Gender Studies 3 X X
E631 Crossing Boundaries 3 X X
E632 Professional Concerns in English 3 X X
E633 Special Topics in Discourse Studies 3 X X
E634 Special Topics in TEFL/TESL 3 X X
E635 Critical Studies in Literature and Culture 3 X X
E636 Environmental Literature and Criticism X X
E637 History of Writing 3 X X
E640A Graduate Writing Workshop: Fiction 3 X X
E640B Graduate Writing Workshop: Poetry 3 X X
E640C Graduate Writing Workshop: Essay 3 X X
E641 Writing Nonfiction: Variable Topics 3 X X
E642 Writing Hypertext 3 X X
E684A Supervised College Teaching 1-5 X X
E684B Supervised College Teaching: ESL 1-5 X
E684C Supervised College Teaching: Creative Writing 1-5 X X
E684D Supervised College Teaching: Literature 1-5 X X
E684E Supervised College Teaching: Computer-Assisted Instruction 1-5 X X
E687A Internship: Teaching College English 1-5 X X
E687B Internship: Composition Supervision/Administration 1-5 X X
E687C Internship: Literary Editing 1-5 X X
E687E Internship: Teaching ESL, K-12 1-5 X X X
E687H Internship: ESL-Adult Learning 1-5 X X X
E687I Internship: ESL-Supervision/Administration 1-5 X X X
E687J Internship: Arts Administration in Literature 1-5 X X X
E687K Internship: Public Education 1-5 X X X
E687L Internship: Computers and Writing 1-5 X X X
E687M Internship: Writing/Editing for Specific Purposes 1-5 X X X
E692 Rhetoric and Composition Seminar 1 X
E694 TEFL/TESL Portfolio 1-3 X X X
E695 Independent Study 1-2 X X X
E698 Final Project 1-2 X X X
E699 Thesis 1-18 X X X