CO301A – Writing in the Disciplines: Arts and Humanities

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Fall Spring Summer

Prerequisite: CO150 College Composition

Description: Learning writing strategies for addressing general audiences in Arts and humanities.  CO301A focuses on writing for a full range of public audiences interested in issues and content of the arts and humanities. Those audiences range from children through senior citizens, elementary students to those just entering college, or adults who read mainstream media publications including local newspaper arts sections, magazines such as The New Yorker or Atlantic Monthly, or websites such as Thus, the specialized discourse emphasized in this course is characterized by strategies that appeal to readers outside academe (focused narrative, description, definition and elaboration of key critical terms, illustration) and stylistic features that qualify the most effective of such writing for collections such as Best American Essays 2007. In the attached syllabus, the introductory readings on the arts/humanities, on rhetorical principles, and personal essays give the class immediate opportunities for extended rhetorical analysis and compilation of workable strategies for writing about the arts and humanities. These readings then lead into genre-specific examples to help students see the functions and conventions of genres, as well as how students can adapt genres for their specific readers and writing goals. To read more about this course, see the Composition Program’s CO310A page.

This course may be taken in fulfillment of the II-B Advanced Writing category of the All University Core Curriculum.