E427 – Victorian Age

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Prerequisite: E 276 or E 277 or E 341.

Description: Victorian era literature (1830-1900) in social and cultural context, with attention to multiple genres (poetry, fiction, drama, and essay).

Students will read and engage with a broad range of canonical and non-canonical works that belong to the period defined as Victorian (1830-1900).  The guiding focus will be the intersection of literature with a variety of historical and socio-cultural concerns such as the transition from a majority rural to urban population, the expansion of Britain’s imperial interests, the crisis of faith unleashed by theories of evolution, and increasingly rigid sex/gender roles.  Depending on the teacher, the course might consider the period synchronically – what makes these works “Victorian” – or diachronically – e.g., the ways these works articulate the history of the period as a set of responses and changes occurring over time.

Requirements fulfilled by this course: Category 2