E607B – Teaching Writing: Creative Writing

Credit Hours:

Course Level:

Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring

Prerequisite: Enrollment in MFA program or instructor approval

Description: Students must be enrolled in the M.F.A. program, or have instructor approval to register. Second and third year M.F.A. students are given priority. Only students enrolled in the M.F.A. program will become eligible to teach E210 after successful completion of the course.

E607B is designed to help English graduate students become confident, competent teachers of E210: Beginning College Creative Writing. In this class, students will explore various teaching philosophies, strategies, techniques, structures, materials, and the basic elements of craft for writing fiction and poetry. In addition to reading short stories, poems, articles on craft, and creative writing textbooks, students will be expected to complete various writing exercises in poetry and fiction so that students may take a practitioner’s approach to teaching poetry and fiction. Students will also be expected to observe beginning and intermediate creative writing classes (E210 and E311), give teaching presentations in class, facilitate fiction and poetry workshops for E210 classes, and guest-teach for a current E210 section.

Upon successful completion of the course, M.F.A. students will become eligible to teach E210: Beginning Creative Writing. Given this practical application, E607B will cover department policies for teaching E210, and students will discuss ways to evaluate writing, sequence a course, design lesson plans, and problem-solve for student difficulties.

Teaching is dependent upon E210 course availability. Graduate students without G.T.A. contracts will be compensated for teaching E210 at the current per section instructor rate. Graduate students with G.T.A. contracts will be able to replace one CO150 section with an E210 section, as scheduling allows. Prior to teaching E210, students will need to develop a complete syllabus and course policy statement, and fulfill other requirements for the Beginning Creative Writing Teaching Program (including observations, grade reviews, and attending E210 instructor meetings).