E324 – Teaching English as a Second Language

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Prerequisite: E320 A-D or E322.

Description:  This course is an introduction to the techniques and methods of teaching the English language to speakers of other languages. The audience is intended to be future teachers in public schools (K-12), but others who want a general introduction to English language teaching can also benefit.

The emphasis in the course is on instructional design and philosophy, and on specific techniques, activities, and materials used in English language teaching. Some time is also spent examining assessment issues and techniques. The structure of English is not emphasized; students who want or need this knowledge should take E322 and E323.

Student in E324 are required to complete a practical experience, either by observing ESL teaching or by doing such teaching themselves. A variety of opportunities are identified by the instructor.

Students in the course are evaluated through quizzes and a practicum report.