E479 – Recent Poetry of the U.S.

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Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring Summer

Prerequisite: E270.

Description: U.S. poetry since World War II, emphasis on the 1980s through the present.

Offering the chance for an in-depth study of recent American poetry, this class will tend to focus on work by living authors, featuring books written within the last decade. Readings will most often consist of single volumes by contemporary poets and range widely in style and concern. The hope is to offer a semester-long investigation into the vast array of issues in current poetic practice. Supplemental readings will add context to the books under consideration, be it essays on poetics, text from literary predecessors, interviews, or other helpful miscellanea. Students will be expected to write a number of essays analyzing the poets and poems under consideration.

Requirements fulfilled by this course: Categories 2 or 4