E320 – Introduction to the Study of Language

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Course Level:

Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring Summer

Description: Description: An introduction to the descriptive study of language. The basic concern of the course is the structured (e.g., formal, systematic) nature of language in itself. Examples are drawn primarily, though not exclusively, from English. All offerings of the course cover a set of core topics:

  1. The nature of language
  2. The structure of language
    1. Phonetics: recording the sounds of languages
    2. Phonemics: sound systems in individual languages
    3. Morphology: the structure of words
    4. Syntax: the structure of sentences
    5. Semantics: the meanings of words in sentences
    6. Pragmatics: the use of language in context
  3. Language variation and change
    1. Regional and social dialects
    2. Historical change
  4. Writing systems
  5. Acquisition of language by children

 Instructors may select and emphasize particular topics outside the core.