E687C – Internship: Literary Editing

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Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring

Description: The English Department’s Center for Literary Publishing publishes the triquarterly literary journal Colorado Review, the Colorado Prize for Poetry book series, and the Mountain West Poetry book series. It also runs two national manuscript competitions, the Colorado Prize for Poetry and the Nelligan Prize for Short Fiction.

The Center offers English Department graduate students the opportunity to assist in the operations of this small literary press through its internship program. Students from any master’s concentration (Creative Writing, Communication Development, English Education, Literature, Rhetoric & Composition, and TESL/TEFL) are welcome to apply.

Interns serve as readers for the nearly ten thousand manuscripts of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction that submitted to Colorado Review receive every academic year. Interns have opportunities to copyedit, proofread, and typeset manuscripts; learn about book production and magazine management; and gain proficiency with current industry software (InDesign, PhotoShop, FileMaker, and Submittable). This is an excellent opportunity to develop professional skills while working toward your degree. Many former CLP interns are currently working in the publishing industry.

The internship is offered as a variable-credit course. You may register for 1 to 5 credits. The expectation (per department guidelines) is that during the semester you will work 40 hours for each credit, which works out to 3 hours a week for one credit, 6 for two credits, 9 for three credits, and so on. Interns must maintain regularly scheduled office hours.