E608 – Integrating Writing in the Academic Core

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Description: Theories and best practices associated with writing integration in the academic core. This course supports those who want to better understand the integration of writing in general education courses and addresses, in particular, the development in “written competency” among undergraduates, as called for in the document gtPathways Competency in Written Communication. As stated in this Colorado Department of Higher Education document, the responsibility for written competency belongs not only to writing courses taught by writing professionals but to all courses since “written communication competency is developed as students apply this knowledge across the curriculum.” E608 helps GTAs and others understand the relationship of writing theory to the practice of meaningful grading and responding to writing. This course provides mechanisms for evaluating and responding to student writing undertaken to accomplish two central goals:

  1. to improve students’ comprehension of course content
  2. to improve students’ proficiency in writing.

Students in E608 can expect to learn about the meaningful integration of both in-class and out-of-class writing assignments. They also discuss methods for supporting undergraduate efforts to write analytically and argumentatively as well as to synthesize textual sources, properly acknowledge outside sources, and integrate one’s own ideas. Building on key theories in the teaching of writing, E608 students learn about the central role of audience and purpose to a writer’s goals as well as the recursive nature of writing and varying ways of supporting undergraduate strategies for staging, drafting, and revising papers toward completion.