E470 – Individual Author

Credit Hours:

Course Level:

Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring Summer

Prerequisite: E 341 and one other upper-division E prefix course.

Description: This course, which together with E460 and 463, constitutes the required capstone course for the English major, is devoted to the extensive study of the greater body of work by a single author, so that the student can have the experience of reading a work in the context of that writer’s total output, of his or her life and times, and of the critical traditions that have grown up around the author. In addition to works by the writer in question, a biography and selections of the criticism/scholarship concerning the writer will also be read. The author treated will vary each semester, with a balance of British/American, fiction writer/poet, male/female, and pre-20th century/20th century being maintained. Writers that have been offered in the course already have included Flannery O’Connor, Alfred Tennyson, Willa Cather, Thomas Hardy, John Donne, and Edith Wharton.