E334 – Gay and Lesbian Literature

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Description: This course will examine gay and lesbian fiction written in English over the last century. We will focus on the social and political contexts of the literature as well as the artistic pressures felt by the authors themselves. We will look at early 20th-century British fiction, written under intense legal and social sanctions against homosexuality; mid-20th-century gay and lesbian literature inspired by the sexual revolution; and contemporary gay and lesbian novels and short stories that respond to the AIDS crisis and increasing political conservatism.

Authors covered may include Radclyffe Hall, E. M. Forester, Patricia Highsmith, Rita Mae Brown, James Baldwin, Edmund White, Jeanette Winterson, Sarah Schulman, Michael Lowenthal, and Patricia Powell. There will also be short readings in queer theory and gay and lesbian history.

Course requirements include several short papers, a brief oral report, and one longer project.