E520 – English Phonetics and Phonology

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Prerequisite: E320

Description: The preliminaries to the course establish the distinction between language and speech to isolate the phonology of language. A rapid review and practice of phonemic transcription of English is made, followed by lectures on the history of how man has attempted to record language (ideographic, syllabic, alphabetic) and how the current systems developed.

The body of the course consists of the presentation of the IPA system of transcription, the articulatory phonetics of American English as well as a restricted number of high-frequency non-perception and production. This is followed with the dynamics of speech (the phenomena that occur in the continuum of speech), suprasegmentals and phonotactics of American English. Following that, phonemic theory is dealt with and contrasted with distinctive features theory.

The application of phonological knowledge makes up the last two segments of the course. First, a limited number of unknown language data problems are studied to teach the techniques of separating and uniting procedures in language analysis; second, practical application of phonological knowledge to the teaching of pronunciation is made.