E635 – Critical Studies in Literature and Culture

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Semesters Offered:
Fall Spring

Prerequisite: E 615.


E635 will extend the work of E615 for advanced study in the MA program in Literature. The emphasis in this variable-topics course is on literary and/or cultural theory in practice. Students will become familiar with a specific critical field (or fields) while learning about how, where, and why they emerged in response to particular critical problems. Such courses will give students a sense of their academic and professional situatedness in relation to their areas of interest and will prepare them to be professional participants in critical conversations. The emphasis of the course will vary, but may include: an immersion into the theories, criticisms, and applications of a particular field (cultural geography or animality studies, for example); the study of a literary writer whose work has been critically engaged by a significant and influential body of work (the way, for instance, Shakespeare has been received by New Historicists); or the study of an important critical thinker or philosopher who has made possible different developments in critical and literary studies (say, De Beauvoir and Feminism and/or Gender Criticism, Fanon and Postcolonialism, Marx and Cultural Materialism, Nietzsche and Poststructuralism, etc.). The course may also proceed from a “period” or “cultural category” and then engage their critical material accordingly (say, Modernism and Psychoanalysis or Popular Culture and Cultural Studies). See the RAMBLER for specific course descriptions.